HR Tech Solutions for Misconduct Management

HR Tech Solutions for Misconduct Management

In the ever-evolving world of HR, processes must be efficient, thorough, and effective to keep up with operations, and misconduct management is no exception. Though workplaces are growing and changing, one constant is the need for a holistic approach towards misconduct. Organizations should be equipped with the best HR tech solutions that not only streamline processes but also provide invaluable data and insights, empowering HR to take proactive measures for positive change.

The Growing Need for Misconduct Management Solutions

In fiscal 2023 alone, the EEOC processed thousands of harassment complaints, demonstrating how harassment, discrimination, and toxicity have and will continue to be an issue, if not properly addressed. According to Fast Company, employees spend 2.8 hours per week managing internal conflicts, and their managers dedicate six hours per week to resolving wrongdoings and misconduct. These efforts spent towards misconduct management instead of more positive endeavors, like the employee experience, unfortunately, lead to an unproductive cycle, taking up to 30+ days to fully complete an investigation. To free HR professionals from manual spreadsheet management, mitigate bias risks, and protect their organization’s reputation, there is a growing demand for HR software solutions that efficiently and effectively handle incidents.

Challenges Faced by HR Professionals

In today’s complex workplace environment, HR departments are often burdened with numerous  HR processes, including managing employee misconduct. Without the right tools and solutions in place, addressing these issues can become a daunting task, leading to delays in resolution. Common challenges faced by HR departments include ensuring confidentiality, avoiding unconscious bias, staying compliant with legal regulations, and addressing employee concerns about retaliation when reporting misconduct. To streamline this process, many organizations are turning to third-party solutions like Work Shield, which provide impartial misconduct investigations and swift resolution recommendations, which are managed through advanced human resources technology. This approach allows HR professionals to focus on their core responsibilities while ensuring a proactive and efficient approach to addressing workplace misconduct utilizing HR management software.

The Role of HR Tech in Workplace Misconduct 

When HR departments are navigating conflict in-house, their main goals are protecting employees and the organization from harm. However, factoring in the challenges faced by HR professionals, reaching both goals can be challenging. HR technology for misconduct management was designed to bridge this gap, by streamlining processes, providing transparency and real-time analytics to further manage employee well-being and safeguard an organization’s reputation. Through its third-party workplace misconduct solution, Work Shield handles the reporting, investigation, and resolution of misconduct in full, so HR departments can save time, mitigate risks, maintain compliance, and reduce costs. With Work Shield, HR departments know incidents will be fully investigated and resolutions reached in a timely manner, safeguarding workforces and improving workplace culture. Leveraging this technology in HR, organizations can make informed decisions and foster a culture of integrity and transparency, setting the stage for a happier, healthier workplace.  

Learn more about Work Shield’s misconduct solution here.


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