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Read the latest news reports and coverage on harassment, discrimination and workplace bullying issues, and learn how Work Shield is a proven resource to protect organizations, people and cultures – all at the same time.

With new data showing that 71% of leaders prefer hiring Gen Z candidates with AI skills over Millennials with industry-related experience, upping your AI skills to stay competitive is more important than ever! With the increase in AI across all industries, Jared shared the potential to achieve optimal balance by combining the human touch with AI technology, leading to enhanced efficiencies and cost savings. 

Jared Pope shared insights on whether employers should care about employee misbehavior outside of the workplace. Acknowledging the growing complexity of this issue as more organizations adopt remote and hybrid models, he highlighted that while off-duty conduct can sometimes remain private, it often has the potential to affect workplace dynamics and the organization’s reputation.

Jennifer Pope shares the story behind Work Shield, a pioneering platform she co-founded aimed at transforming workplace culture by effectively managing misconduct. Pope’s journey into entrepreneurship was fueled by a desire to enact meaningful change, inspired by her experiences and the broader movements advocating for safer and more inclusive work environments.

Driven by the #MeToo movement, Jared Pope launched Work Shield to combat workplace harassment and discrimination with a unique platform offering confidential reporting, thorough investigations, and quick resolution. “Why is it not being solved?” Pope questions, aiming to eradicate toxicity and promote a positive culture.

The article highlights the restaurant industry’s unique challenges, such as decentralized operations and younger workforces, that heighten the risk of workplace misconduct. It advocates for clear policies, third-party reporting, and data analytics to proactively address harassment and discrimination, aiming to protect employees and avoid high turnover, reputational damage, and costly litigation.

On Category Visionaries, Jared Pope, WorkShield CEO, discusses his shift from law to founding a workplace misconduct platform inspired by the MeToo movement. With $12M funding, WorkShield uniquely combines tech and services to effectively address employee concerns. Emphasizing culture, Jared highlights the significance of a team aligned with core values for the company’s growth.

Jared Pope, founder and CEO of Work Shield, discusses the concept of “hey-hanging,” where employers or colleagues initiate a conversation with a vague “Hey” or “Hi” without providing context, leading to uncertainty and discomfort among employees. Pope highlights the importance of thoughtful communication in the workplace and suggests providing immediate follow-up or context to avoid leaving team members in suspense.

Jared Pope, CEO of Work Shield, unravels the complexities of workplace equity, providing a deep dive into fostering inclusivity, legal compliance, and tackling modern-day challenges. He sheds light on the evolving legal landscape, emphasizing the importance of staying abreast of changes such as the EEOC’s expanded guidance on harassment.

Jared Pope, CEO of Work Shield, is featured in the article emphasizing the necessity for businesses to find a harmonious balance between AI and human employees in the evolving workplace of 2024. He envisions leveraging AI to enhance decision-making, efficiency, personalization, predictive analytics, and cost savings, continuing the momentum from the previous year to integrate AI thoughtfully within organizational frameworks.

Jared Pope’s insights in the article emphasize the crucial role of technology in enhancing employee safety and streamlining harassment reporting. His advocacy for platforms like Work Shield highlights the benefits of quick identification of problematic behaviors, confidentiality assurance, accountability in solutions, and the removal of reporting fears, underpinned by valuable incident management data.

Jared Pope stresses the need for organizations to foster healthy workplace cultures, focusing on work-life balance and respect to enhance employee retention and satisfaction. He highlights the financial and productivity benefits of positive employee experiences and advocates for proactive measures like effective onboarding and work-life balance initiatives to boost organizational success.

Jared Pope, CEO of Work Shield, discusses his journey addressing workplace harassment and emphasizes the importance of resilient company culture during significant growth. He anticipates increased demand for services in the remote work landscape and underscores the emotional toll of running a company, advocating for self-care. 

Jared Pope, Founder and CEO of Work Shield, recently featured on the HR Work Break podcast, shared his insight into HR’s crucial role in shaping the remote work landscape, advocating for a balance between technology and human-centric approaches. He also emphasized the need for adaptability in the ever-evolving workplace and cautioned against an overreliance on AI in HR functions.

Dallas-based incident management technology company Work Shield has secured a $6 million investment from Ballast Point Ventures, a Tampa-based VC and growth equity firm. The funding will support the company’s growth across all areas of its business.

Jared Pope, Founder & CEO of Work Shield, a Dallas-based incident management technology company, recently secured a $6 million investment from Ballast Point Ventures. Work Shield, known for its innovative tech solution in managing workplace harassment and discrimination reporting and resolution, will utilize the capital to further enhance its operations and support its mission of providing a comprehensive workplace misconduct and analytics solution.

Exciting news: Work Shield receives a $6 million investment from Ballast Point Ventures, propelling its mission to transform workplace misconduct resolution. Our Founder and CEO, Jared Pope, and the team are thrilled to partner with a sophisticated institutional investor as the company continues delivering our end-to-end solution, focusing on efficiency, compliance, and a better workplace culture.

Jared Pope, Founder & CEO of Work Shield, contributed insights on the evolving landscape of HR. Looking ahead to 2024, three key HR trends are anticipated: the growing emphasis on data-driven decision-making, a return to office-based work, and the cultivation of human-centric workplace cultures. These trends highlight the importance of informed decision-making, a renewed focus on in-person collaboration, and the promotion of positive employee experiences.

Jared Pope, Founder and CEO of Work Shield, shares how 2024 will be a big year for AI automation, data-driven decision making, returning to traditional office settings and recognizing the importance of prioritizing human-centric cultures.

In his article, Jared Pope, Founder and CEO of Work Shield, delves into workplace harassment and assesses the evolution of workplaces in response to the #MeToo movement, providing insights on the lessons learned and changes made in the five-plus years since its inception. His analysis sheds light on the ongoing transformation of workplace culture and policies concerning harassment.

Jared Pope underscores the significance of repairing a fractured relationship with an employee by emphasizing the need for transparency, open dialogues, clear policies, and the implementation of a robust incident management platform. These key elements can help foster trust and communication, leading to the restoration of a productive and harmonious working relationship.

Learn about what workplace bullying and harassment is, the root causes, the negative effects of not handling misconduct, and preventative policies in this interview with CEO Jared Pope. 

Podcast host Madeleine Collins and CEO Jared Pope discuss the broken system discuss the broken system for reporting workplace misconduct and the problem with anonymous hotlines.

CEO Jared Pope shares with business leaders the growing importance of several HR tech tools, including full-service incident management platforms and tools that prioritize people analytics. 

With the advent of generative AI, many workers are fearful that their jobs may be replaced, causing uncertainty and anxiety in their workplaces. Work Shield’s CEO Jared Pope offers advice to business leaders on how to address this anxiety to alleviate such fears with transparency and increased employee engagement.

Work Shield’s CEO Jared Pope provides candid insight into his background and what lead to the idea of creating Work Shield as an innovative, third-party solution to managing organizations’ workplace misconduct. Jared discusses other relevant topics ranging from quiet quitting to today’s business challenges.

At a time when many companies are trying to “do more with less,” employees in turn are feeling overwhelmed and overworked. Seven industry experts, including Work Shield’s CEO, Jared Pope, weigh in on how to increase employee engagement and recognition when company budgets are impacted by today’s economic times. 

“For employers who think quiet quitting and firing aren’t plaguing the workplace: think again.” Work Shield’s Jared Pope offers his expertise on quiet quitting and how it is impacting workplace culture.  

Work Shield’s Jared Pope offers his insight on the impact of clique culture within a workplace and the damage that it can cause, as well as how to handle cliques within an organization.

Eliminating employee benefits is never easy for business leaders as there is the fear of possible employee fallout. Work Shield CEO and Founder Jared Pope advises that honest communication is one of the most crucial components for minimal fallout when removing employee benefits. 

Work Shield’s Jared Pope offers his perspective on adjusting expectations for workplace relationships including behavior that goes beyond annoying and disruptive as well as when it might be time to involve a manager or even HR.  

Work Shield CEO and Founder Jared Pope provides insight to business leaders on how to handle re-engaging former employees so the experience can be a positive one for all involved.

What’s in store for the workplace in 2023? Work Shield CEO and Founder Jared Pope shares his insights into the workforce trends of the new year, along with other thought leaders and HR professionals.

Handle HR complaints more effectively — with Jared Pope

Are you striving to handle HR complaints more effectively? From dealing with workplace complaints to the reasons why employees are hesitant to report cases – learn more on this important topic from Work Shield CEO and Founder, Jared Pope.

Man Getting Disabled Female Colleague Suspended Cheered: "Not a Free Pass"

Some workplace situations are best handled by a third-party to remove any bias. Work Shield CEO Jared Pope offers an insightful piece of advice surrounding a recent controversial Reddit post where an employer told a colleague that their disability is “not a free pass.”

12 Insightful Leaders Tell You Why an HR Team is Important

From recruitment to retention, HR teams serve as the pivotal hub of an organization. The many roles and responsibilities these professionals manage may be difficult to summarize, but this recent article shares insights from 12 leaders who truly get why an HR team is so important.

15 Key Elements Required to Activate Belonging at Work

CEO Jared Pope shares with SHRM the importance of ensuring psychological safety for employees, and how with misconduct, harassment, and discrimination present in the workplace, “an environment of safety will immediately disappear.”

The Exitable Business Podcast with Patrick Rogers

Patrick Rogers interviews Work Shield CEO Jared Pope on The Exiable Business Podcast where Jared talks about a cornerstone principal of his personal and professional growth…focus your energy on what you can control and not on what you can’t control.

Protect Workplace Culture: Risky Benefits Podcast With Rick Farris

Work Shield’s CEO Jared Pope joins Rick Farris on the Risky Benefits Podcast by FBMC Benefits Management. Jared discusses all things workplace culture and how to create an environment where employees feel protected and heard.


Travis Foster On How We Need To Adjust To The Future Of Work

As part of Thrive Global’s interview series called “How Employers and Employees are Reworking Work Together,” Travis Foster shared his thoughts on learning flexibility to promote employee well-being and enhance job performance.


Zurich Adds Workplace Culture Tool

The offering is a collaboration with Work Shield, technology that helps resolve workplace misconduct through by letting employees confidentially report concerns and initiating an impartial investigation by a panel of trained professionals.


Resolving Workplace Misconduct with Jared Pope, CEO of Work Shield

Recognizing the gross inefficiencies in the way companies currently handle internal misconduct, Jared recognized an opportunity to deliver a better dispute resolution service, that was unbiased, faster, and easier to implement than most “check-the-box” options on the market today.


Finalists Announced: D CEO’s Corporate Counsel Awards

D CEO is pleased to announce its Corporate Counsel Awards finalists for 2022. Now in its eleventh year, the program honors exceptional in-house attorneys throughout the North Texas region.


Zurich unveils platform to shield organizations from toxic work culture

Zurich Resilience Solutions (ZRS) in North America has found a solution to help customers combat toxic work cultures and improve employee retention.


Is Favoritism Derailing Your DEI Efforts?

Find out how employers can recognize and take preventive action to stem favoritism and advance their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

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Work Shield's Portal 2.0 Named Honorable Mention in the Workplace Category of Fast Company's 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards

From a 3D printed vaccine patch to an electric truck, a seawater-powered lamp, and countless other bold innovations, the sixth annual awards honor the products, concepts, companies, policies, and designs that are driving change, tackling issues from climate change to inequality, and so much more.


fast company world changing ideas

42 Companies That Are Changing Workplaces For The Better

See the full list of honorees of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Award in the workplace category.

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Why Should Workplace Misconduct Solutions be a Part of ESG Strategy?

Reasons why an ESG strategy can help range from avoiding litigation, to fostering a diverse, productive workforce, to ensuring shareholder satisfaction, and more.

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The Why I Network Podcast: Why I Became a HR Specialist with Jared Pope

Jared began his career practicing workplace benefits, HR and compensation law. But After the rise of the #metoo movement in 2017, Jared realized industry-standard practices and the system were entirely broken. Jared knew he had to improve the system and created Work Shield.

authority magazine red

The Great Resignation & The Future Of Work: Travis Foster Of Work Shield On How Employers and Employees Are Reworking Work Together

Learning Flexibility – will drive employee well-being and promotion through encouraging specific learning to enhance job performance.

D magazine logo

78 North Texans Who Are Shaping the Future

Get to know the finalists in the 2022 Innovation Awards, brought to you by D CEO and Dallas Innovates.

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5 Ways to Reduce Toxicity in the Workplace and Boost Employee Engagement

With the job market shifted in favor of workers, employers are struggling to recruit new talent and scrambling to retain their current team members. 

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Predicting Misconduct: How AI Helps Head Off Harassment, Bias and Other Ethics Issues

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing technology have added new dimensions to digital misconduct reporting platforms.

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9 women-led startups raising millions to fight harassment that need to be on your radar

Work Shield is a proven resource to protect organizations, people and cultures – all at the same time.

Forbes logo

How Dashboards Are Helping To Monitor, Manage And Prevent Crisis Situations

In the private sector, companies can use the business version of dashboards to keep an eye on all parts of the enterprise and help spot early issues that could blossom into…

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3 Risks of Imposing Strict Vaccine Mandates

More businesses are taking a harder line on vaccine mandates, but doing so could come at a cost.

authority magazine red

Female Founders: Jennifer Pope Of Work Shield On The Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Woman Founder

Jennifer is the Co-founder of Work Shield, the only start-to-finish workplace harassment and discrimination reporting, investigation and resolution solution that…

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'These issues persisted': How one firm assists as COVID spurred more harassment challenges

Remote work has many fans in corporate America today. But it also can lead to some human-resources challenges – and a local company is helping businesses navigate that. Dallas-based Work Shield is seeing growing demand for its services that help.

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Back To The Office? Not Yet!

Companies scramble to adjust to the Delta variant. What a difference a few days can make. Suddenly companies across the country are having to make tough decisions. Should bosses require vaccines and masks? HR and Benefits attorney and Founder and CEO of Work Shield, which provides an innovative platform to help employers address workplace issues, before they escalate into expensive lawsuits, Jared Pope.

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Austin-area doctor gives insight on what it's like in hospitals as bed capacity plummets

Multiple business sectors are seeking guidance on how to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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Finalists Announced: D CEO‘s Corporate Counsel Awards 2021

D CEO announces its Corporate Counsel Awards finalists for 2021 including Travis Foster from Work Shield. Now in its twelfth year, the program honors exceptional in-house attorneys throughout the North Texas region.

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3 Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout

More ways to relax, being up front about mental health and allowing substantial breaks to accommodate parents are some ways employers can create a better environment and prevent employee burnout, says Jared Pope of Work Shield.


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What The EEOC’s Updated Covid Guidelines Mean For Business Leaders

The EEOC has updated and expanded their guidelines on COVID-19 vaccination requirements and incentives for employees. In a recent article by Forbes, Work Shield’s own chief legal officer Travis O. Foster shares the legal ramifications of these requirements, and what these updates mean for employers and employees.

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Giving Employees Voice, Keeping Cultures Safe, Removing Liability

Work and the people with whom we do it can be such a source of connection and fulfillment. Companies that create a culture and set of practices to address these ongoing opportunities for misunderstandings so people feel heard, understood, appreciated, and the situation rectified are positioned to avoid discrimination and harassment while enjoying stronger engagement and growth.

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Addressing Anti-AAPI Discrimination in the Workplace

Legislation received bipartisan support in Congress and has encouraged activists, experts insist there is much more to be done to combat anti-AAPI discrimination—especially in the workplace..

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Creating Open and Positive Cultures Comprised of Integrity and Trust with Jared Pope Founder and Owner of Work Shield LLC

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An Allied Approach: Embracing Next-Level Inclusion for LGBTQ Employees

In a promising time when huge steps are being taken to ensure a more LGBTQ-inclusive workplace, the real work lies ahead of us

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Dallas’ Work Shield Upgrades its Technology to Continue Keeping Workplaces Safe

Portal 2.0 will offer several new features to upgrade incident reporting and culture data management.

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These 6 start-ups will be in the ‘spotlight’ at Spring HR Tech

Boese will share several of the most innovative solutions during a Spotlight Session at this month’s Spring HR Tech, a free and virtual event.

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Where Businesses Should Invest in a Year of Cutbacks

We’re breaking down why, even in a year of cutbacks, companies should invest in initiatives promoting employee well-being and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion).

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Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment Training: Are We Going to Get It Right in 2021?

As we ended a difficult and unique year and entered a new one, the Training Industry editorial team asked learning leaders to write in with their reflections on 2020 and predictions for 2021.

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Work Shield is Protecting the Human Element

These are not normal times. That calls for resilience. These standouts have it in spades. Learn more about how Work Shield is adapting to the new workplace – home.

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Meet the Changemakers who are Disrupting Business in DFW - and beyond.

Work Shield is named as one of the top companies influencing Talent and Diversity in North Texas by D CEO Magazine.

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Mentoring Through Challenging Times: Coping with harassment even during Covid-19

As Covid challenges many of our ways of work, some problems persist. Making sure employees have a voice when they’re working from home is as important as having the right practices in place when everyone is in the office.

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Jared Pope of Work Shield: 5 Steps We Must Take to Truly Create an Inclusive, Representative, and Equitable Society

As part of our series about ‘5 Steps We Must Take To Truly Create An Inclusive, Representative, and Equitable Society’ I had the pleasure to interview Jared Pope.

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COVID-19's Sobering Impact on Working Women and Steps to Making Things Better

Without question, Covid-19’s impact has presented challenges never before experienced by companies. One of the most significant impacts is the detrimental effect it has had on advancing diversity and gender equality in the workplace.

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Texas Banks Partner with Work Shield to Protect and Enhance their Workplace Cultures

Work Shield announced today the addition of additional Texas financial institutions as Work Shield-certified employers, including, among others, Benchmark Bank and Texas Security Bank.

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Can Your Company Survive a Workplace Harassment or Discrimination Claim?

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Finalists Announced: The Innovation Awards 2021

Now in its second year, the program from Dallas Innovates and D CEO honors disruptors and trailblazers driving a new vision for North Texas.

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TecHRseries Interview with Jared Pope, CEO & Founder at Work Shield

Jared Pope, CEO & Founder at Work Shield joins us in this TecHRseries interview to talk about Work Shield’s recent partnership with empathiHR and the inspiration and story behind launching Work Shield.

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You can't avoid having an awkward conversation: Why it's such a thorny issue when remote employees access porn on work computers

“Culture starts at the top,” Pope added. “If employers are turning a blind eye to employees engaging in porn during work or on company-owned devices, they are reinforcing a toxic workplace environment.”

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Work Shield’s CEO on Why ‘Workplace Culture is a Microcosm of What is Going On in Society at Large’

Dallas-based Work Shield has a new partnership with an AI-enabled platform to better combat harassment and discrimination in the workplace. In an era of social injustice and a global pandemic, he thinks that’s evermore important.

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Work Shield is named a winner of the NTX Inno 2020 On Fire Awards in the "Social Impact" category.

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Work Shield Announces Strategic Partnership With EmpathiHR

Workplace harassment and discrimination solution teams up with training platform to continue cleaning up company cultures across the country.

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Parental Discrimination: What Companies Should Be Considering During And After COVID-19

As Governors discuss how to approach the coming months, in particularly how to lift and transition away from shelter at home requirements, companies will have to tackle another challenge that has cropped up during this Pandemic.

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These apps try to make reporting sexual harassment less of a nightmare. Do they work?

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many apps and platforms have sprung up with goals of everything from easing the the fear of reporting harassment to changing company culture. What impact have they had?

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Prepare Employees for a Successful Return to a Shared Workspace

Employees might need help readjusting to collaborating in a shared workplace. With insight from Jared Pope, Founder and CEO of Work Shield, here’s a guide to doing it right.

The COVID-19 Experience: An Entrepreneur's (Positive) View

There’s no doubt we are all trying to make lemonade out of the lemons that COVID-19 has brought to our employees and companies. Here’s how one entrepreneur and his company, Work Shield, are adapting to make lemonade out of lemons.

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HR Tech to Help Ease the Sexual Harassment Reporting Process

By protecting those in need, Work Shield maintains the company culture while seeing cases from beginning to end.

Why Companies Have to Rethink How to Treat Working Parents in a Post-Pandemic Culture

As we begin the transition out of pandemic-mode, employers must make broader cultural changes that address the complicated situations of working parents in order to protect company cultures and retain top talent.  

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10 Crisis Communications Dos And Don’ts During COVID-19

We’ve collected crucial tips from 10 top leaders guiding their companies through these unprecedented challenges.

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Is Coronavirus a Catalyst for Workplace Harassment?

Keep your clients up to date with what’s happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.

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Top HR Trends to Consider in 2020

Now more than ever, HR professionals are tasked with serving the ever-changing needs and direction of their companies, while also managing and meeting the needs of their employees. logo

Effective Tools For Reporting Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

In this post-#MeToo environment, women are becoming more emboldened to take a stand against sexual harassment, especially in the workplace.

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1,000 Entrepreneurs: Jared Pope on Revolutionizing Workplace Harassment Management and Managing 50,000 Employees' Lives

Our fifth profile covers the founder of Work Shield and commoditizing the legal industry.

hr tech nologist logo

6 Effective Tools for Reporting Harassment in the Workplace in 2020

In 2019, more women were ready to come forward with reports of sexual harassment in the workplace than ever before. And a big part of this is providing the right channels of communication.  

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Benefits Industry Product Roundup

News of new and improved products and tools from Work Shield, Principal, Onegevity Health, Fidelity, Castlight Health, BPAs, Bento, Beddr, and more.

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Dallas company looks to stamp out harassment, discrimination in the workplace

Dallas-based Work Shield is looking to provide protection to companies and their workforces.

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#MeToo at Work: Where Do We Go from Here?

“Employers are desperately searching for ways to address this cultural issue within the business and corporate sector,” says Jared Pope, founder of Work Shield.

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Work Shield Announces New Team Member and Additional Advisory Board Members

Specialized leaders in human resources, business and law practices join company’s strategic Advisory Board committee, while experienced technology partner joins Work Shield.

cbs radio

CEO Spotlight: Jared Pope, Founder and CEO of Work Shield

An in-depth interview with Work Shield’s Founder and CEO.

dallas innovates logo

How One Dallas Startup Hopes to Change the Solution to Workplace Harassment

A risk attorney turned startup founder, Jared Pope is on a mission to change the way workplace harassment is handled—by taking out the fear