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Misconduct is costly. Yet, the cost of harassment in the workplace is not just in dollars. It also comes in the form of turnover, mistrust, lower productivity and fear. With Work Shield, organizations use resources more effectively and have fewer losses with 10x ROI or more.

Sample Client Results

Fewer Claims
Between 2016-2018, one organization had 11 EEOC charges filed. Since partnering with Work Shield, zero claims have been filed.
Lower Costs
After partnering with Work Shield for one year, an organization saw a 90% reduction in total incident-related costs.
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Fewer Incidents
An organization had an average of 41 incidents reported annually. With Work Shield, that number decreased to 11.
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Positive Return
A 500-employee organization has 20 incidents per year on average at a total cost of $430,000. With Work Shield, it pays $24,000.
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Bottom Line Impact

Can your organization survive a misconduct claim?

In 2021, U.S. organizations paid $5.42B for reputational and employment-related litigation and EEOC claims. The average  cost to litigate, defend and settle one claim is $160,000. 

Mitigate risk

Work Shield is the best solution for effectively resolving misconduct and reducing corporate risk.

No hidden fees

We charge a flat PEPM fee for all our services - reporting, investigations, resolution recommendations, and analytics.

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