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Employees safely report misconduct and harassment in the workplace to Work Shield’s trusted and experienced team. Our unbiased and caring professionals listen, investigate and provide resolution recommendations quickly and fairly.


How Zero Tolerance Policies Become
More Than Words.

Conscientious organizations want their employees to feel safe exposing bad behavior. Partnering with Work Shield means leaders are committed to addressing workplace misconduct transparently and ethically.

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What Is Misconduct?

Expose Misconduct With Confidence

Who Can Report

If you’ve experienced or witnessed harassment or discrimination in the workplace by a manager, supervisor, co-worker, 
independent contractor or even a customer.

What to Report

The target of discrimination or harassment in the workplace because you are a member of a protected class – including race, color, sex, religion, age, pregnancy, and national origin. You can also report unethical behavior and whistle-blower complaints.

General harassment

Being mistreated at work because you're part of a protected class.

Sexual harassment

You're the victim of unwelcome sexual conduct by another person at work.

Discrimination or prejudice

Receiving different treatment than others because you're part of a protected class.

Bullying or intimidation

You're victimized by ongoing misconduct, not because you're a part of a protected class.

Ethical concerns

You believe someone at work is committing fraud, bribery, or corruption.


You're receiving negative treatment after reporting or filing an incident.

Our Promise

We Always
Hear You

We understand that when you’ve experienced harassment or discrimination in the workplace, it impacts your entire life. We promise to be fair, to listen, and to find a swift path to resolution.

Safe & Secure Reporting

Safe & Secure Reporting

Have confidence to report incidents safely, securely and anonymously, if desired.

Impartial Resource

Impartial Resource

We conduct investigations thoroughly, consistently and without bias.

Top Priority

Top Priority

We never sweep concerns under a rug. Helping resolve them is our specialty and all we do.

Quick Resolutions

Quick Resolutions

We offer fair and ethical resolutions to help bring quick closure to your concerns.

Important Things You Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions

You can report an incident one of two ways:

(1) Report online 

The easiest way to submit an incident is through our user-friendly online portal. To access our secured portal, click on the “Report an Incident” button on this webpage. If you are a visiting the portal for the first time, please click on “Register“, to the right of “New to this Site?“. From there you can create your own secured User ID and password to log in and submit your incident report. 


(2) Report through the call center

Alternatively, you may contact our call center and have them assist you in submitting your incident report. Our call center is available 24/7. If you report by phone, you will be asked to provide some personal information, which will be passed along to one of our specialists. Even though you provide your contact information, you are still able to submit anonymously. Work Shield will not disclose your information to your employer if you choose to submit an anonymous report. Please note that the call center can only assist in filing incident reports and cannot provide status updates once a report has been submitted to Work Shield.

Tip: You can always log in to the portal using your login credentials to check the status of your incident report.

Our team will review your incident report and begin investigating those incidents involving harassment or discrimination, which will likely include follow-up questions for you and any person involved in the incident. If your incident does not involve harassment or discrimination, your incident will be handled by your employer and will not be investigated by Work Shield.

You can always log in to the portal using your login credentials to check the status of your incident report, but if you have any additional questions relating to the status of your incident report or need to update your report after you have submitted it, please contact us one of two ways: 

(1) Log in to your secured portal account and contact us using Shield Connect, our portal chat feature. Please include your questions and/or update along with your incident reference number so that we can locate and update your report within the Work Shield Portal as quickly as possible


(2) Email us and include your questions and/or update along with your incident reference number

If Work Shield conducted an investigation relating to your incident report, after the investigation is complete, Work Shield submits a certified resolution recommendation to your employer. Once this recommendation is submitted to your employer, your employer should contact you to conclude the process.  Please contact your employer directly should you have any additional questions following the conclusion of the investigation. 

When submitting your incident report, we ask that you provide as much detail as you can about the incident, including who was involved, time, location, witnesses, and if there are any photographs or communications you think would be helpful to a possible investigation. 

If you don’t have all the information at the time you begin to fill out the incident report form, we encourage you to complete what you can and select the “Save for Later” button. Doing so will save your report and allow you to access it (using your login credentials) at a later time to add the remaining information to finalize and submit your incident report.  

If you choose to submit an anonymous report, it will be sent to your employer without any personal information. Your employer may ask Work Shield to conduct the investigation and provide resolution recommendations to the employer, but it is not guaranteed.

In general, if what happened made you feel uncomfortable or that you were unfairly or badly treated, we suggest you go ahead and file an incident report with Work Shield. We are specially trained to investigate harassment and discrimination incidents. However, if your incident does not involve harassment or discrimination, your incident will be handled by your employer and will not be investigated by Work Shield.

Absolutely. Work Shield is in place because your employer has a zero tolerance policy for harassment and discrimination and is committed to providing a positive workplace culture to its employees. You are encouraged to report incidents, whether or not you were involved.

No problem. You can email us or contact us through Shield Connect, our portal chat feature, with your incident reference number and ask that we withdraw the incident report and stop any investigation that may be in process. We will let you know we received your request and when your report has been withdrawn.

Each report is timestamped with its submission. As a SOC2 and SOX-compliant platform, you can trust that your incident report is protected and secured with end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication within the Work Shield portal.

If left untreated after notification, yes. For example, if a supervisor harasses you and this results in a hostile work environment, your employer may be liable unless it can demonstrate that:

  • It reasonably and promptly tried to correct the harassing behavior;

  • You unreasonably failed to take advantage of any preventive or corrective opportunities available (ie – you should report concerns to Work Shield).

It’s always best to report an incident as soon as possible after it occurs. This allows us to capture as many of the details as possible. If an incident occurred a while back, we still recommend submitting a report, and Work Shield will investigate harassment and discrimination incidents as thoroughly as possible.

If you experience technical difficulties navigating within the Work Shield portal, please email our Technical Support Team with a description of your issue along with supporting screenshots and/or video, and a member of the team will address your issue and get back to you.

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