Embrace today’s evolving workforce
with full compliance (and not just a hotline).

Meet and exceed compliance requirements for protecting your employees. Through our proprietary incident management platform, you can rely on us to keep you ahead of the compliance curve.

Incident Management Platform

Protecting Your Data One Report at a Time.

When you partner with Work Shield, you know that your data is safe and protected. With a user-friendly interface, you’ll have access to a secure dashboard and portal for anonymous reporting and seamless incident management.  

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Peace of Mind

Trust and Security - Not Just Buzzwords.

As a SOC2 and SOX-compliant platform, you can trust that your data and incidents are protected and secure with end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication requirements and customizable administrative access rights for your complete organization. 

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Compliance That Matters

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We have a comprehensive security compliance program that aligns our service commitments and system requirements to the SOC 2 trust services criteria.  The pillars of our compliance include:   


Encryption technologies protect your data both at rest and in transit.


Multiple channels provide the ability to initiate a response to potential security incidents.

Privacy Controls

Work Shield provides in-platform admin controls and filer-level permissions.


We invest in our infrastructure to support deployments that allow seamless operation.

Complete, Compliant HR Technology

Never Worry About Falling Short

Security is ingrained in our ethos. Be confident in knowing your organization will meet all compliance standards. Work Shield provides a safe, secure dashboard to mitigate issues, provide real-time data and culture health analytics to shield your organization and give you peace of mind.

Follow Procedure

Follow Procedure

Reliable, accessible and compliant procedures

Efficient Investigations

Efficient Investigations

Impartial, prompt and thorough investigations

Full Transparency

Full Transparency

Neutral, well-trained investigators

Unbiased Solution

Unbiased Solution

Proper documentation, storage and archiving

Managing workplace drama is hard.
Work Shield makes it easier.

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