Resolve misconduct faster.

Many organizations take 30+ days to fully investigate complaints internally. With Work Shield, not only do we thoroughly investigate, but we provide a resolution recommendation in the most streamlined and efficient manner.


Safe, Secure Reporting

Employees have confidence reporting misconduct in the workplace directly and anonymously to us – via the secure Work Shield Portal or by calling our 24/7 call center.

Mobile-friendly reporting

Call center available 24/7

Upload documentation or photos

Immediate notifications to Work Shield

English, Spanish and other language options

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Prompt, Thorough Investigations.

After an incident is reported, a qualified and experienced Work Shield certified investigator quickly begins an impartial investigation involving harassment or discrimination by reviewing the incident report, and reaching out to everyone involved.


Focus On Fair Resolution

Based on investigative findings, our investigators provide a fair and ethical resolution recommendation.
Employers can also access all certified recommendations in their portal’s Incident Management Hub.


Confidential communications between employer and Work Shield investigator


Promptly and safely resolve incidents before escalation


Mitigate financial risk and alleviate industry reputational risk


Personalized resolutions for every investigated incident

The Complete Tech-Enabled Solution

Powered by a Special Blend of Humans and Technology.

Chatbots aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy. We are real people who listen, and are committed to finding fair resolutions. Our technology ensures a streamlined experience without eliminating the human touch.

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Streamlined Management and Analytics

Measure Impact and Manage Accordingly.

Efficiently manage incidents, access employee resources, and get insightful data and analytics that reveal culture insights about your organization via the secure Incident Management Platform – a user-friendly, secure and compliant dashboard.

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