We’re on a mission to change the way
organizations and their people view misconduct.

About Us

Make Workspaces Safer Places from Top to Bottom.

From gender bias to harassment and bullying in the workplace, employees and organizations are negatively impacted by workplace misconduct every day. Yet, 75% of employees who are victimized don’t report incidents because they don’t trust the system. We don’t think that’s okay. So we’re harnessing the latest cutting-edge technology to make it better, for everyone.



We protect employees and organizations when confronted with harassment and discrimination issues and bullying in the workplace.



We seek to understand, uncover the truth and unify employers and employees by establishing a clear path to resolution.



Employees and organizations rely on our strong team of professionals to bring timely resolution to harassment and discrimination issues.

How a Big Idea Comes to Be

work shield responds to me too

#MeToo and #TimesUp

The #MeToo and #TimesUp social movements against sexual violence and harassment, assault, and workplace discrimination gained momentum. The movements brought to light the pervasiveness of harassment and discrimination in our workplaces. They also inspired Work Shield’s co-founders, Jennifer Pope, Jared Pope, and Travis Foster to find a way to make it better.

jared pope of work shield taking stand against workplace bullying

Discovered a Broken Process

While practicing law with a focus on human resources, ERISA, benefits and employment matters, we discovered a root cause of why incidents persist in our workplaces – the way incidents were reported and managed internally actually made things worse. It was bad for employees, and bad for organizations.
Travis Foster and jennifer pope of work shield against workplace bullying

Found a Win-Win Solution

Turns out, the solution was pretty simple – the only way to protect both the employees and organizations is to remove the organization from both reporting and incident investigations.
work shield helps workplace bullying

Work Shield Was Founded

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for creating more equitable, inclusive and safer workplaces for everyone, Jennifer Pope, Jared Pope, and Travis Foster founded the first and only start-to-finish workplace harassment solution of its kind.

work shield team commits to end workplace bullying

Surrounded Ourselves with Good People

We searched far and wide for the most talented folks in their fields. Based in Dallas, Texas, our team is a dedicated group of good people who are committed to providing the best to our clients and their employees.

work shield advisory board helps employers workplace bullying

Rounded Up a Rock-Star Advisory Board

Our diverse and hugely talented Advisory Board helps guide Work Shield’s strategic mission. Our members reign from the likes of Google, Albertson’s and Frito Lay, and include the managing partner of Haynes and Boone, LLP.
work shield creates workplace equality

Expanded Service Offerings to Include Discrimination

Harassment wasn’t the only problem organizations and employees were having. We realized Work Shield could offer more protection to employees and employers who were facing or anticipating discrimination concerns.
work shield title IX compliance

Expanded Services to Include Title IX Compliance

The Department of Education implemented new Title IX regulations related to sexual violence and harassment at schools. Impacting every federally funded school in the country (K-12 and higher ed).
work shield prevents covid remote bullying in workplace

COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts Work Shield and Our Clients

Along with most of the country, Work Shield worked from home. Unfortunately, misconduct doesn’t just happen in physical workplaces. It’s just as prevalent in digital communications and when remotely working.
work shield protects lgbtq from workplace bullying

Rights for LGBTQ Community

In a landmark victory for LGBTQ civil rights, the Supreme Court ruled that LGBTQ workers are protected from job discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

Our Culture

What We Believe

Always be our best

We fully commit to consistently delivering on expectations, going the extra mile to get the job done and giving 100% in all that we do.

Challenge convention

We strive to redefine existing standards of excellence. We challenge conventional views with new ideas to drive innovation.

Success is fun

Success takes consistent hard work - it's also consistently fun and motivating. Each success, no matter how large or small, is worth celebrating.

Respect everyone

No matter tenure, experience level, or job title, every person deserves the same level of care, respect, and attention.

Collaboration is powerful

We believe in the power of working together. Shared goals and mutual support lead to greater success than isolated work and individual focus.

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If you’re interested in helping us foster more equitable, positive, and open workplace cultures, without harassment, discrimination or bullying in the workplace, and where everyone has the right to feel safe and protected – LET’S TALK!

4 out of 10

Professionals have faced bullying in the workplace.

3 out of 5

Employees have experienced discrimination at work.

4 out of 5

Americans believe sexual harassment happens in the workplace.

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