Safe workplaces create
engaged employees.

When teams are engaged, your entire organization thrives. From increased profitability to a healthy workplace culture, the benefits of having engaged employees is invaluable.

The Work Shield Solution

Make Your Organization a Safe Place For Employees' Voices to #BeHeard.

There is a correlation between employees feeling heard and being engaged at work. Data shows that highly engaged employees are three times more likely to say they feel heard in the workplace. 
employees happy they work for a company with great culture

Do More For Your Employees

Open Door Policies Are Not Enough

By partnering with Work Shield, you’re telling your team that you’re ready to listen and take meaningful action. When employees feel comfortable speaking up and communicating with leadership, their engagement, morale and overall well-being is boosted.



Job Effectiveness: 74% of employees say they are more effective at work when they feel heard.



Increase Profits: Companies with highly engaged employees are 21% more profitable.



Motivate Employees: 85% of employees are most motivated when internal communications are effective.



Healthy Culture: Good company culture increases revenue by 4X.

Supported Employees Want To Work For You

Organizations that are fully transparent open the floor for employees to speak up. It’s time your employees know that they can take the floor. It’s time to partner with the only full-service misconduct solution.

Confidential communication

When employees feel psychologically safe, they are more willing to speak up and remain engaged.

Resolved incidents

With Work Shield, you’ll receive an expeditious resolution recommendation, so your employees can trust what they report will be heard.

#BeHeard 24/7

We're available around the clock for employees to report incidents anonymously or not via mobile, online or our 24/7 call center.

Personalized resolutions

Keep your team engaged by proving to them that every investigated incident receives a personalized resolution.

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