A proactive solution for misconduct in public entities.

From disturbing toxic behavior to harassment and discrimination, Work Shield helps public entities strengthen culture, reduce risk and streamline incident management from start to finish.

Public Entities

Manage Risk.
Make a Positive Impact.

Professionals within public entities have faced misconduct in the workplace for too long. Finally, workers in this sector can safely and easily report misconduct and #BeHeard through Work Shield’s impartial, tech-forward platform. Today’s proactive organizations deserve increased transparency, lower legal fees and faster resolutions.

Work Shield’s technology is accommodating to support a variety of municipality employee populations to combat reputational risk.

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Proactive Measures for Public Entities

How Work Shield Supports Municipalities

Safe Reporting

Public entity employees can safely and confidently report misconduct through our Employer Intelligence Platform.

Strengthen Culture

Mitigate misconduct in public entities to ensure all employees have a safe, productive workplace to thrive.

Support DEI Initiatives

Create a work environment that is strong, equitable and inclusive. Work Shield empowers organizations to implement DEI initiatives swiftly and effectively.

Increase Transparency

Cultivate a culture of trust with improved visibility and strong communication within your public entity.

Disrupt Toxic Behavior

Discourage unwanted behavior that leads to unhealthy cultures for public employees.

Streamline Incident Management

With little IT requirements, you can implement an efficient process to manage workplace incidents. Let Work Shield do the heavy lifting to provide everything you need.

Creating Proactive Solutions With

Give the gift of time to your internal HR teams. Work Shield allows HR professionals to focus on other important aspects of their roles.

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Buddy Gillenwater

RISK MANAGER, City of Mesquite, TX

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