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to better Employee Relations.

When employees see organizations take their concerns seriously, they feel empowered and included.

Your New Benchmark

Impact Employee Relations with Meaningful Processes.

Work Shield empowers your employees to #BeHeard, helping identify and address toxic workplace misconduct sooner to build strong, equitable, and inclusive cultures. With the power of advanced analytics, we’re the building blocks that allow the implementation of your employee relations initiatives to be executed effectively. 


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Advantages For Employee Relations Professionals

Top Notch Service and Real Results

Advance Employee Relations

Create open and positive workplace cultures to pave the way for employee relations initiatives to thrive.

Elevate equity

Work Shield cultivates an active culture of empowerment and fairness for all.

Zero tolerance

Send a company-wide message that treating others poorly or unethically is not tolerated.

Encourage diversity

Strong, inclusive cultures and empowered employees help attract and retain diverse talent.

Address toxicity head-on

Put an end to misconduct sooner when employees are empowered to report more incidents.

Data and analytics

Identify potential areas of concern and get a picture of your organization's overall culture health.

Quicker resolutions

Experienced investigators thoroughly investigate and offer a clear path to resolution.

Quick and easy implementation

No IT and little to no internal resources required with simple, easy onboarding.

Equitable Recruitment

We Help Attract More Qualified and Diverse Talent.

Promote fair recruiting practices and attract diverse talent when potential hires know your organization is committed to equitable hiring, and that concerns regarding discriminatory practices can be reported directly to Work Shield.

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Our Solution

We Find a Clear Path to Resolution

With our efficient and effective reporting, investigations and resolutions, we help empower employees, identify harassment earlier, resolve incidents sooner, lower the risk of legal action and mitigate hostile work environments.

Safe and secure reporting

An easy, accessible way for employees to directly report misconduct, anonymously or not, to Work Shield 24/7 via mobile, online or call center.

Prompt, accurate investigations

Our team of investigators review and handle incidents thoroughly, efficiently and objectively to ensure all voices are heard.

Focus on fair resolution

We provide objective resolution recommendations based on investigation findings faster than the national average.

Dynamic analytics & measurement

Employers are provided real-time incident updates and notifications with compliant case management, plus detailed workplace analytics.

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