Lead the charge in fostering equity and inclusion for students and staff.

When facing concerns of harassment, discrimination or sexual harassment at school, Work Shield helps educational institutions uphold the highest of standards to protect themselves, students and staff, reduce reputational risk, and maintain federal funding.

Risk Managed.
People Empowered.

For the first time, students and staff have access to an immediate and impartial platform that gives them a voice to #BeHeard. School leaders have peace of mind that issues are investigated and efficiently resolved with the help of Work Shield’s experienced team of investigators.

Advantages For Schools

Top Notch Service and Real Results

Empower students and staff

An impartial platform to ensure voices are heard, and incidents are investigated and resolved without fear of retaliation.

Strengthen culture

Discourage and resolve behavior that leads to toxic school environments, strengthening culture and encouraging inclusivity.

Data and analytics

Get real-time dashboard analytics and culture data on your student, faculty and staff incidents with the click of a button.

Legal protection

Work Shield is the only impartial harassment and discrimination solution that protects students, staff, schools and cultures.

Improved visibility

Gain insight across schools or districts with Work Shield’s unfiltered, real-time, reporting and resolutions data, all in one place.

Quick and easy implementation

Requiring little to no internal resources and no IT requirements. We provide everything you’ll need for a successful implementation.

By The Numbers

A Broken System - It's Time We Listen

of college women report being sexually assaulted while attending school
0 %
of LGBTQ students report higher levels of victimization than other students
0 %
of K-12 teachers and staff report witnessing sexual harassment in the workplace
0 %
is the average cost to defend and settle an employee workplace claim
$ 0 k
School classroom and chalk board title ix investigations

School-Based Sexual Misconduct

Reporting and investigations for
Title IX-related concerns.

Schools can be sued for not protecting students, for placing them in harm’s way, or for handling complaints improperly. We provide the necessary communications, processes and procedures schools need to comply with new regulations.

  •  Clear, accessible reporting
  •  Compliant parent and student notices
  •  Impartial, unbiased and well-trained third party investigators
  •  Detailed findings reports and record-keeping
cultural diversity in schools and risk management solutions

Employee Misconduct Complaints

Properly manage misconduct
concerns from start to finish.

Work Shield is the trusted solution for all types of employee concerns: Title VII protected class discrimination, sexual and general harassment, bullying, fraud, whistle-blower complaints and more.

When schools properly administer Work Shield’s solution and carry out our recommended resolution, they reduce the risk of inconsistent, incomplete or negligent internal misconduct management.

Our Solution

We Find a Clear Path to Resolution

Work Shield partners with schools to uncover the truth and unify schools, students, and staff by ensuring a clear path to resolution through consistent and complete processes managed by Work Shield certified investigators.

Safe, secure reporting

An easy, accessible way for individuals to confidently report concerns directly to Work Shield via mobile device or call center.

Incident investigations

Our specialized team of trained investigators review and handle investigations thoroughly, efficiently and objectively.

Swift resolutions

We provide unbiased resolution recommendation(s) based on investigation findings faster than the national average.


A detailed Title IX investigation findings report to help decision makers establish a clear path to resolution and peace of mind.

Data and analytics

Transparent, real-time reports and activity. Plus, detailed analytics that reveal cultural insights and actionable data.

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