Your success is our success.

Work Shield’s Client Success process doesn’t end after onboarding. Actually, it’s just the beginning. Here’s our commitment to our partnership from launching Work Shield to our ongoing client support and communication.

Getting started

A Successful Launch Starts Here.

Launching Work Shield at your organization is a breeze. Our Client Success team ensures seamless onboarding with minimal disruption to the workplace or school.

  • Set up your organizations’s portal 
  • Create onboarding resources
  • Onboarding call to ensure effective launch

What We Deliver

Our Ongoing Commitment To Partnership

Accessible Analytics

Through your Portal’s Incident Management Hub, quickly access investigation reports, check status, and view recommendations. Easily summarize and analyze the year’s incidents to offer a deeper look into the cultural health of your organization.

Client Support

The Client Success Team partners with you to assess current needs and help with anything that comes up along the way. We keep you up to date on Work Shield news and upcoming events, and you always have access to our website news, blog library, and Portal Resource Hub.


We are always looking for innovative ways to provide more value. We may occasionally send our clients a request for feedback, and welcome open and honest communication at any time to uncover any current or future ways we can improve our services.


The Client Success team delivers all the information you need to keep you in the know straight to your inbox. From Portal enhancement updates to relevant industry news, we've got you covered.

The Work Shield Portal

Everything You Need For How To Handle Workplace Incidents.

Your Work Shield Portal is an easy to use, secure dashboard that streamlines onboarding and incident management, provides cultural insights and delivers actionable data for your organization.

  • Centralized Incident Management Hub
  • Customized reporting and data export
  • Resource Hub for onboarding resources, training videos and more
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