Set the standard for ESG
at your workplace.

Environmental, social and governance issues are a top priority for employees, stakeholders and investors. Are they a top priority for you? 

The Work Shield Solution

A Partnership That Will Take Your ESG Strategy to the Next Level.

Your employees’ values, passions and concerns are evolving to emphasize socially-conscious standards. When you join forces with Work Shield, you’re listening to these needs and responding with a solution that checks all the boxes of a strong ESG strategy

Employees, investors and regulatory agencies want to see more than a one-time charitable donation. They want an ESG strategy that results in a more diverse, inclusive workplace.

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ESG initiatives impact your organization’s reputational risk, profitability and DEI efforts.


  • Your organization’s impact on the environment matters
  • Climate-related weather events can impact your bottom line
  • Consumers pay attention to how you treat the environment
  • Organizations are pledging to reach a net-zero carbon goal


  • Diversity and inclusion within your teams is crucial
  • Prioritizing mental health is a must
  • Employees want to be a part of a team that takes a stand on social issues
  • Creating a healthy, safe workplace for all should be tracked


  • Managing and operating an organization starts at the top
  • An ethical, trustworthy executive board can set the tone
  • Leadership’s response to workplace issues sets an example
  • Company culture is driven by the executive committee’s standards

How Work Shield Can Help

Attract New Employees and Investors with an Impressive ESG Score.

The importance of tracking and reporting ESG performance data is growing. Regulatory agencies assign ESG scores to organizations, and here at Work Shield, we help you boost your efforts with the goal of boosting your score.


of asset managers are concerned with ESG transparency. Work Shield offers cutting-edge technology to track key metrics, like the management of workplace discrimination, to add to your ESG plan.


of employees are more likely to work for an organization that takes a stand on social issues. Work Shield provides partners with services and data to support DEI initiatives that ensure employee voices are heard.


of business leaders say they have a responsibility to act on ESG issues. A partnership with Work Shield ensures you’re working toward meeting workplace investigation regulatory standards to fulfill ESG responsibilities.

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