More than just reporting.
So much more.

Work Shield provides the only full-service solution that partners with organizations to efficiently manage reporting, investigation, and resolution of workplace harassment, discrimination, and misconduct incidents.

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Protecting People, Organizations
and Cultures

Safe and secure reporting

An easy, accessible way for employees to directly report misconduct, anonymously or not, to Work Shield 24/7 via mobile, online or call center.

Prompt, accurate investigations

Our team of investigators review and handle incidents thoroughly, efficiently and objectively to ensure all voices are heard.

Focus on fair resolution

We provide objective resolution recommendations based on investigation findings faster than the national average.

Dynamic analytics & measurement

Employers are provided real-time incident updates and notifications with compliant case management, plus detailed workplace analytics.

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Our Vision

Create Open and Positive Cultures Comprised of Integrity and Trust.

Most organizations manage workplace misconduct internally, even with a third-party reporting system in place. Yet internal investigations can contribute to employees’ fear of retaliation. By partnering with Work Shield, you send a message that you are serious about the well-being and equity of the people around you. We can help create trust among your team.

Incident Management Platform

How We Do It Better

Work Shield’s proprietary platform allows employees to speak up safely and securely. Our investigations and path to resolutions mitigate fear of retaliation and risk of bias, discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment in the workplace.  

Build Trust

Build Trust

Replace fear of retaliation and mistrust with a safe solution that reports employee misconduct, investigates, and finds a clear path to resolution.

Less Hassle

Less Hassle

Our team effectively manages workplace misconduct so organizations aren't at risk of being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Mitigate Risk

Mitigate Risk

Turn time-sensitive, error-prone incidents into a consistent, efficient and user-friendly experience that reduces risk and streamlines management.

Impact Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Establish an inclusive workplace and pave the way for employee relations initiatives to thrive by addressing toxic behavior within your organization.

Building #BeHeard Cultures With

A Broken System - It's Time We Listen

Open-door policies, hotlines and reporting apps haven’t done enough to protect your people or your organization. Your employees don’t feel safe speaking up about discrimination, bullying in the workplace or workplace misconduct. There’s a better way to mitigate concerns.

Misconduct Solution With Positive ROI

The Ultimate
Peace of Mind

Work Shield is a consistent, thorough, and prompt solution with data-backed ROI that helps lower incident rates, the risk of hefty legal and settlement fees, and overall incident-related costs.

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