The Benefits of Workplace Analytics in Misconduct Management

The Benefits of Workplace Analytics in Misconduct Management blog image

There is a growing need for enhanced workplace analytics, particularly when managing misconduct. Organizations that use HR analytics tools have been proven to have higher retention rates, increased understanding of talent needs, and deeper satisfaction with overall HR performance. In addition, workplace analytics can provide further insight into organizational trends, such as potential problem areas, anticipated risks, and more. With enhanced workplace data at their fingertips, organizations can improve decision-making and therefore performance. 

The Importance of Data-Driven Decision Making in Misconduct Management

According to Gartner, only 29% of organizations can evaluate data analytics quickly enough to stay on top of misconduct. When dealing with workplace misconduct, these delays can be costly, increasing the risk of litigation, reputational damage, and overall poor business performance. In addition, without in-depth and real-time insights, organizations can struggle to react effectively to potential problems in their organization. 

For example, if an organization has multiple locations with increasing complaints of workplace misconduct, they may decide to roll out organization-wide training or policies, which can be costly, using valuable time and resources. With real-time workplace analytics through platforms like Work Shield, organizations can not only identify the problem, but also pinpoint hotspot locations where complaints predominantly originate from or trends in the type of misconduct that is most common within the organization. This information provides a deeper look at an organization’s misconduct and allows HR teams and leadership to streamline response measures, implementing location-specific training or policies.  

Enhancing Leadership Decision-Making with Data Insights

Workplace analytics provide objective insights to organizational leadership to eliminate potential biases and mitigate risks. With misconduct management solutions, such as Work Shield, that track real-time data collection, leadership teams can have a greater understanding of the organization’s cultural health with the ability to identify problem areas and trends within an organization. 

By using workplace analytics to implement smarter and more effective solutions, organizations can quickly streamline processes, increase cultural health, and improve the employee experience. 

Boosting ROI through Data-Driven Misconduct Management

Fear of retaliation significantly hinders misconduct reporting, with 75% of employees who spoke out against workplace harassment facing some form of retaliation, according to an EEOC report. This fear leads to underreporting, fostering a toxic environment where misconduct remains unaddressed, ultimately harming productivity and performance. However, providing a safe reporting platform can mitigate these issues. According to Work Shield’s data, 82% of employees choose to self-identify when reporting, allowing for more effective investigations and resolutions. This approach not only reduces organizational risk and legal fees but also enhances overall ROI, employee morale, and organizational culture. 

For example, a well-known restaurant management organization experienced an excessive amount of legal fees due to workplace misconduct. Recognizing the issue, they implemented Work Shield to improve misconduct management and save resources. After onboarding Work Shield’s misconduct management solution, settlement fees and EEOC claims decreased by 100% and total incident-related costs decreased by 90%.

The Future of Misconduct Management with Analytics

Without a data-driven approach to analytics, organizations can mismanage misconduct and increase their risk for reputational damage, decreased productivity, or even legal action.  With Work Shield, organizations can make data-driven decisions at any time and have real-time access to the cultural health of their organization. Using analytics software to hone in and mitigate workplace misconduct allows leadership to make more informed decisions to create healthy workplace cultures and environments. Harness the power of Work Shield and allow your HR teams to utilize Work Shield’s people analytics tools and make data-driven decisions for your teams now.


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