A Behind the Scenes Look at Workplace Investigations

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An unbiased and efficient investigation process is key to resolving workplace misconduct issues. Organizations must have a proactive approach to handling these issues with a strong understanding of the tools and resources needed in order to properly address misconduct allegations. To understand what these investigations entail and what every organization needs, we’ve compiled a behind-the-scenes breakdown of three crucial elements that are necessary for any successful investigation. 

  1. Clearly Defined Investigation Processes: Like many other things in life, having a proper plan in place to investigate misconduct ensures efficiency and effectiveness and reduces disruptions to employees and the organization. From the day the incident is reported, it’s important for investigators to clearly outline and follow best practices, such as gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses and making final resolution recommendations. This streamlined approach mitigates the risk of legal challenges, allowing for consistent, fair and unbiased resolutions. 
  2. Properly Trained Investigators: Wearing many hats, investigators must possess stronger-than-average interviewing and listening skills with well-rounded knowledge on the investigative process, an organization’s policies and relevant laws and regulations that might come into play. Trained to be impartial and objective, investigators must avoid any conflicts of interest or biases (even unconscious ones) that could affect producing a fair investigation. As an investigator, if you aren’t two steps ahead, you’re probably behind – as time is of the essence when analyzing evidence and interview notes to come to a well-documented resolution.
  3. Expedited Investigations Through HR Technology: Technology is one of, if not the most important pieces of the puzzle for workplace investigations. Streamlining processes, Work Shield’s Incident Management Platform provides the means for quick, quality investigations to be managed within the platform from the initial reporting stage all the way to resolution recommendations. Whether reports are filed through the secure Work Shield Portal or by calling our 24/7 call center, every report is captured in the platform, allowing investigators to easily organize and track information from the start. By having all information in one place, communication updates can easily be sent to the employer and relevant individuals for convenience. When it comes time for a resolution, recommendations are securely stored in the Incident Management Hub, and employers have the option to create reports on reporting and resolutions data for internal use. Using this HR technology as a one-stop-solution, employers can save time and resources while improving accuracy and consistency. 

When reporting internally, most organizations take 30+ days to fully investigate a complaint. At Work Shield, our secret formula is actually quite simple – we follow a clear, concise plan, select and thoroughly train the right investigators and provide fair, unbiased resolutions utilizing our trusted HR technology. By focusing on these three key factors, organizations partnering with Work Shield can conduct efficient and effective workplace investigations to protect all parties involved. 

To learn more about Work Shield’s incident management platform, click here. 


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