The Top HR Tech Trends Every Employer Should Know

Staying up to date on the latest trends in HR technology allows employers and their employees to streamline everything from payroll, employee benefits, recruitment and more – saving valuable time, money and resources. A recent study from Sage found that 89% of the C-suite and 83% of HR leaders say HR technology allowed them to remain more flexible to changing needs of the workplace, keeping their businesses more resilient. As HR technology continues to evolve to meet the demands of the workplace, it’s important for organizations to stay on top of the trends and prioritize the HR technology that will provide the greatest return on their investment. 

To understand the HR tech shaping the current workforce, we’ve rounded up the top HR tech trends and tools that every employer should know:  

  1. Utilizing a Full-Service Incident Management Platform: When handling workplace misconduct, internal policies and procedures are not always effective. In addition, managing situations internally can be time consuming, unsuccessful and even include hurtful unconscious (or even intentional) bias – increasing an organization’s reputational risk and more. HR tech solutions like Work Shield’s cutting-edge misconduct solution, which includes a special blend of humans and a proprietary incident management platform, helps to mitigate these issues and the inherent risk, giving employers peace of mind that every incident is properly investigated and resolved. 
  1. Prioritizing People Analytics: HR technology is now providing greater data to employers using people analytics. People analytics allow employers to pinpoint gaps in employee inclusion, identify immediate needs and strengthen business decisions. By having real-time access to people analytics, organizations can increase their visibility to the cultural health of their organization, allowing them to streamline processes, mitigate risk, and make strategic decisions based on their people. 
  1. Increased Automation and AI: Lastly, with automation and AI on the rise in virtually every industry, including HR technology, it’s important to be educated on the advantages and disadvantages. From recruitment and selection to payroll and benefit administration, automation can enhance accuracy and reduce bias, free employees from repetitive business processes and allow employees to focus on the tasks at hand that matter most. Employers can also cut business costs and expect higher-quality work. While some fear jobs might be completely taken over by it, AI technology can increase productivity and efficiency, but employers should keep a close eye on the spread of misinformation, lack of personality and creativity that can arise from these non-human chatbots. 

By understanding the trends in HR technology, organizations can prioritize investments that will allow them to remain flexible in the face of an ever-changing workplace. At Work Shield, we know the power of HR technology, and we understand the ROI that tools like our complete misconduct solution can offer organizations. Whether saving resources, protecting reputations, mitigating risk or improving workplace culture, these solutions should remain a top trend for workplaces in every industry. 

To learn more about Work Shield’s incident management platform, click here. 


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