How Work Shield’s HR Technology Helps Organizations Stay Competitive

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Whether you’re managing one office location or running operations at a multi-location organization, implementing the right HR technology can help your organization gain a competitive edge. As the human resources department serves as the central hub of any organization, these professionals are increasingly dependent on cutting-edge tech tools to automate processes and streamline operations. In fact, organizations that leverage HR technology are not only transforming older manual processes to more efficient methods, but they are also increasing productivity and profitability. 

At Work Shield, our focus is delivering technology solutions that empower organizations to manage the intake, investigation, and resolution of workplace incidents more effectively and efficiently in order to mitigate risk and prevent costly outcomes. 

Here are the top ways that Work Shield’s HR tech helps organizations stay competitive in the market.

  1. Cost Savings: When used effectively, HR tech can help cut organizational costs. As an example, when employers partner with Work Shield to implement our full-service misconduct solution utilizing our incident management platform, they could see an average reduction in claims costs of 90%. To break this down further, a 500-employee organization that has an average of 20 incidents per year can cost $430,000 per year. With Work Shield, that same organization could decrease the cost to $24,000 on average. Interested in learning what your organization’s ROI could be? Try out the Work Shield ROI calculator and find out just how much your organization could save. 
  2. Streamlined Operations: Through the real-time and transparent data provided by Work Shield’s incident management platform, organizations can quickly evaluate workplace culture data and streamline operations accordingly. For example, by analyzing metrics for one franchise location or a multi-office organization, HR professionals are equipped to make decisions on matters such as where specialized training is needed, rather than implementing costly blanket solutions across all locations. 
  3. Employee Retention: With the Great Resignation and the Great Rehiring in the recent past, HR departments are turning to innovative tech solutions to remain competitive in today’s workforce. For the first time, employees have access to an immediate and impartial platform to safely voice harassment and discrimination incidents in the workplace, and employers are ensured peace of mind that these incidents are investigated and resolved efficiently by third-party investigators to mitigate risk. By empowering employees with proven technology solutions and services to remedy toxic workplace situations, employers are better positioned to retain talent. The cost-savings can keep an organization competitive, as losing an employee costs approximately 1.5-2 times the employee’s salary.
  4. Efficient Investigations: Intuitive automated processes have accelerated many aspects of business, and the HR department is no exception. Not only does effective incident management build trust within an organization, but it also saves time and resources, while reducing unwanted stress and drama in the workplace. Instead of endless spreadsheets or multiple systems, employers have access to all documentation, reports, status updates and more in one easy-to-use platform. 

As more organizations step further into the digital age, HR departments cannot be left behind. Work Shield is the first and only complete third-party misconduct solution to ensure all employers and HR teams have a full-service incident management platform to successfully manage intake,  investigations and resolutions. Gain a competitive edge for your organization with the HR tech solution that protects your bottom line, improves transparency, and mitigates risk.


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