How Work Shield is the Solution for CLOs

compliance Solution for CLOs

Every organization needs a strong affirmative defense to strengthen workplace culture and minimize risk. In addition, following best practices from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) when managing misconduct is crucial to cultivate an airtight risk management strategy for your business. Chief legal officers (CLO) and compliance specialists are tasked with ensuring compliance within the workplace while navigating the risks of being exposed to liability. Along with the reputational risk, workplace misconduct impacts the bottom line. According to the EEOC, the monetary benefits involving sexual harassment cases alone were over $61 million last year. 

Our talented CLO, Travis Foster, has firsthand knowledge of how a partnership with Work Shield helps compliance professionals, and he answered a few key questions on how our third-party unbiased solution effectively reduces corporate risk, supporting the role of the CLO.

How does Work Shield help CLOs minimize reputational risk? 

Work Shield helps CLOs minimize reputational risk by allowing all employee voices to be heard in reporting workplace misconduct at its earliest stages. Generally, by the time an incident is reported, the individuals central to the matter have had a minimum of two prior encounters.  These encounters can range from classic passive-aggressive scenarios to more direct, verbal confrontations. If the encounters go unaddressed, a workplace environment can develop both an internal and marketplace reputation for toxicity, which can directly affect talent acquisition and retention. 

We are living in a time where business leaders cannot be silent in addressing such issues, as employees are holding their employers accountable. We regularly see headlines where organizations have been exposed in the media for turning a blind eye to their toxic culture. Employee activism has given rise to employee walkouts and online platforms for employees to publicly post their issues. Such negative publicity directly impacts an organization’s reputation, as well as their bottom line. Work Shield’s solution addresses employee issues internally, managing them efficiently and promptly, preventing escalation and reputational risk.

In what ways does partnering with Work Shield help organizations meet EEOC guidance?

Partnering with Work Shield provides an organization with a safe, secure and accessible employee reporting platform that is further enhanced by consistent investigation procedures.  Because investigations are conducted by neutral third-party investigators, an employer is provided an appropriately documented report that is fair, unbiased and prompt.  Work Shield’s unique approach to investigations provides employers the confidence of knowing that an external professional is managing the investigation from intake to recommendation delivery.

How does attorney-client privilege work with Work Shield?

The attorney-client privilege is established through an employer’s direct engagement with Work Shield’s investigation partners. These partners are experienced trial attorneys whose unique experience produces a thorough, prompt and unbiased investigation. The privilege underscores the high degree of investigation integrity and strengthens the employer’s confidence in an investigation’s conclusion.

From supporting CLOs’ effort to reduce reputational risk, meeting EEOC pending guidance to ensuring compliance and enacting attorney-client privilege through confidential consultations, Work Shield is the only solution for organizations’ legal and compliance officers.  


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