Work Shield Case Study – Reducing Harassment in the Restaurant Industry

Work Shield Case Study - Reducing Harassment in the Restaurant Industry

Work Shield partners with clients of all sizes across multiple industries, including hospitality, automotive, financial services, academic institutions and more. While no organization is exempt from workplace harassment and discrimination issues, some industries have specific risk factors that make them particularly susceptible to high rates of misconduct, including a historically large ratio of male managers to female subordinates, a “customer is always right” mentality, and minimum wage or tip-based salary structures. When considering these risk factors, it is no surprise that the restaurant industry leads this category with more harassment claims than any other industry. In fact, as many as 90% of women and 70% of men who have worked in the restaurant industry have experienced some form of sexual harassment. 

Through Work Shield’s partnerships with businesses in the restaurant industry, we’ve realized that it doesn’t have to be this way, and that real, lasting change is possible when solutions such as Work Shield are implemented. The proof is in the numbers. 

Before partnering with Work Shield, one national restaurant management company had at least two EEOC claims filed every year. Those claims translated to more than $300,000 in legal and settlement fees and lost approximately $70,000 in incident-related personnel costs. Since implementing our Work Shield solution, there have been zero EEOC claims or associated legal fees. That’s an ROI of over 430%! The same rings true for another national restaurant chain partner. Since onboarding Work Shield, they have saved over $380,000 in incident-related costs. Beyond the monetary results, managers and employees at these organizations now have peace of mind that all harassment and discrimination issues will be handled efficiently, and that resolution will be reached for all. 

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Travis heads up Work Shield’s legal department and is known to be something of a jack of all trades – he is an experienced entrepreneur, as well as an attorney with a mechanical engineering background who designed and managed projects in both the energy and public utilities industries. Travis also contributes his wealth of capital knowledge and growth strategies for businesses to the Work Shield team.

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