What are the Top Tech Solutions for Employers?

Technology Solutions for Employers

The past few years have brought about much change in the workplace, and with the shifts in digital advancements, employers are investing in tech now more than ever. From making a day-to-day impact to reaching long-term goals, tech solutions are driving organizations forward and are necessary to remain competitive. In fact, 45% of digitally mature organizations reached above-average revenue growth compared to 15% of companies that had lower ratings, according to Deloitte findings.

As organizations seek to introduce new top tech solutions for employers, here are four key focus areas.

1. Enhanced Security Protection

The digital landscape of today’s workforce requires a keen eye on cybersecurity. With employees increasingly using company equipment for personal use, such as social media and telehealth appointments, human resources departments should work to implement solutions against cyberattacks to protect employees and organizations alike. A recent McAfee report revealed that the global cost of cybercrime since 2018 has reached over $1 trillion, and large corporations and small businesses are both common targets. Not only should employers educate teams on proper “cyber hygiene,” but it’s also important to carefully examine new tech tools for potential risks before rolling them out. 

2. Team Collaboration and Communication

No matter the size of an organization, team collaboration and communication tools are on the rise. From Zoom and Microsoft Teams to Slack and Google Workspace, the options to implement the right communication tool for your workplace are numerous. Employers turn to this digitally minded method of collaboration for multiple purposes, including brainstorming ideas, accessing data for smart decision-making, collaborating on projects, enhancing workplace culture, and meeting organizational goals. Also, most of the recent collaboration tools are cloud-based, allowing individuals to access them during business travel and not miss a beat wherever they are. Organizations can maximize team efficiency this year with the communication solution that works best for their culture.

3. Full-Service Misconduct Solution

Investing in a full-service misconduct solution that includes third-party investigations is a must-have on your list of workplace solutions. When organizations partner with Work Shield, they are investing in a misconduct solution that manages all aspects of incident management, from reporting, to investigation and resolution. By having this service all within one secure platform, employers can have peace of mind that workplace toxicity will be met head-on and the appropriate data will be collected and analyzed to inform both employer and employee. As HR professionals continue to manage many important aspects of an organization, incorporating technology for human resources departments is a great way to stay competitive to ensure employees are heard and risk is managed.

4. Employee Self-Service Platforms

Technology continues to change and support HR professionals, and the use of employee self-service (ESS) platforms is not going anywhere. These platforms or portals empower employees to manage many human resource tasks on their own and receive important organizational communications in one user-friendly place while freeing up HR resources to focus on other strategic goals aside from administrative duties. From streamlining employee onboarding to making payroll information easily accessible, ESS is improving efficiency at organizations. 

These top technology solutions that employers are investing in are not only helping organizations achieve success, but they also work to create positive work environments where employees are empowered and valued. At Work Shield, we take these four solutions seriously, implementing security, communication and employee self-service into our third-party misconduct solution that helps employers mitigate risk and lower costs, with 10x ROI or more. If you’re considering adding Work Shield to your workplace solutions, check how much you could save by running the numbers to calculate what your ROI could be. 


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