Now You Can Manage Risk and Make a Positive Impact.

Work Shield helps organizations lead the way in corporate social responsibility so they can reduce risk, remain competitive, attract top talent, and embrace today’s evolving workforces.

A Win-Win Solution

The only solution trusted by both organizations and their people.

When Work Shield manages your employees’ misconduct or hostile work environment concerns, instead of using your own internal processes, you’ll meet or exceed new EEOC guidance for protecting employees, improving transparency, and making a true commitment to creating safer, more equitable, and inclusive workplaces.

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How Work Shield Elevates Your Organization

Work Shield Certified organizations have confidence knowing they have the best resource in place to create thriving cultures of respect, inclusion, improved productivity, and long-term retention.

Expose Misconduct

When employees know their concerns will be fairly and quickly resolved, they are empowered to speak up about toxic behavior.

Impact DE&I

Work Shield shows a proactive commitment to creating safer, more inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces.

Mitigate Risk

Effectively reduce exposure to legal claims, fines, and settlement fees with the only solution to meet pending EEOC guidance.

Strengthen Culture

Identify and resolve behavior that leads to hostile work environments sooner, strengthening culture, and encouraging inclusivity.

Improve Productivity

Safe environments where employees are empowered with a real voice are nearly 5x more likely to perform their best work.

Gain Insights

Get a clear picture of overall cultural health and identify trends with real-time dashboard analytics and culture data.


Did you know the EEOC has new pending guidance?

With Work Shield, you'll meet or exceed every new recommendation provided by the EEOC to protect employees from workplace harassment and discrimination, and protect your organization from liability - including:

  • Reliable, accessible compliant procedures
  • Impartial, prompt, and thorough investigations
  • Neutral, well-trained investigators
  • Efficient case resolutions
  • Proper documentation, storage, and archiving
our solution

We Find a Clear Path to Resolution

With our efficient and effective reporting, investigations and resolutions, we help empower employees, identify harassment earlier, resolve incidents sooner, lower the risk of legal action and prevent hostile work environments.

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Safe and Secure Reporting

An easy and accessible way for individuals to confidently report concerns directly to Work Shield via mobile device or call center.

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Impartial Incident Investigations

Our nationwide team of Work Shield Certified legal professionals investigates every incident thoroughly, efficiently, and objectively.

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Resolution Recommendations

Work Shield provides unbiased resolution recommendation(s) to the employer based on what is learned during the investigation in about five days.

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Data and Analytics  

Transparent, real-time investigation reports and activity. Plus, detailed analytics that reveal cultural insights and actionable data.

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