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When you partner with Work Shield, you raise the bar. You’re sending a loud and clear message that respect and equity are the cornerstones to your culture. 

Experienced and Transparent

Industry Leaders in Investigations of Workplace Harassment and Discrimination.

Work Shield’s impartial, holistic, and credible workplace misconduct solution gives you certainty that every investigated incident is handled consistently and fairly by Work Shield certified investigators to effectively mitigate legal and reputational risk at a reasonable cost.

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Advantages for CEOs

Top Notch Service and Real Results

Improve visibility

Get unfiltered, real-time reporting and resolutions data and analytics, all in one place.

Uphold reputation

We help prevent problems from escalating to resignations, legal action, and bad press.

Reduce misconduct

With Work Shield, average incident rates typically drop from 4% to about 1.5%.

Data-backed ROI

Improve loss margins and lower incident-related costs with 10x ROI or more.

Manage risk better

Mitigate legal and reputational risk.

Impact Employee Relations

Demonstrate a corporate social commitment to elevate and bolster employee relations.

Strengthen culture

Cultivate a culture of empowerment and fairness with an impartial, trusted solution.

Protect bottom line

Cultures of empowerment have better productivity, retention and improved profitability.

Our Solution

We Find a Clear Path to Resolution

Work Shield partners with organizations to uncover the truth and unify employers and employees by listening, understanding, and establishing a clear path to fair resolution.

Safe and secure reporting

An easy, accessible way for employees to directly report misconduct, anonymously or not, to Work Shield 24/7 via mobile, online or call center.

Prompt, accurate investigations

Our team of investigators review and handle incidents thoroughly, efficiently and objectively to ensure all voices are heard.

Focus on fair resolution

We provide objective resolution recommendations based on investigation findings faster than the national average.

Dynamic analytics & measurement

Employers are provided real-time incident updates and notifications with compliant case management, plus detailed workplace analytics.

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