How to manage the bottom line
without surprises.

Work Shield protects your balance sheet from unforeseen legal and settlement fees, turnover, and loss of productivity by helping resolve misconduct fairly, ethically, and entirely. All for a reasonable, flat, monthly fee.

Qualified Professionals

We Address Harassment Risks Across the Board.

Just one mismanaged workplace misconduct incident can impact profits, investor prospects, reputation, culture and more. As an unbiased third-party, Work Shield is a comprehensive misconduct solution that helps employees #BeHeard, protects cultures and effectively mitigates corporate risk.

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Advantages for CFOs

Top Notch Service and Real Results

Effectively mitigate risk

Mitigate and address both reputational and financial risk within your organization.

Data-backed ROI

Improve loss margins and lower incident-related costs with 10x ROI or more.

Improve visibility

Get unfiltered, real-time reporting and data and analytics, all in one place.

Control unknown variables

A fixed cost solution to effectively manage potential escalating problems.

Quick and easy implementation

No IT and little to no internal resources required with simple, easy onboarding.

Faster resolutions

Consistent and complete management faster than the national average.

Strengthen culture

An impartial, trusted solution that cultivates a culture of empowerment and fairness.

Improve profitability

Fewer incidents and faster resolutions to maintain productivity and reduce turnover.

Our Solution

We Find a Clear Path to Resolution

With our efficient and effective reporting, investigations and resolutions, we help empower employees, identify harassment earlier, resolve incidents sooner, lower the risk of legal action and mitigate hostile work environments.

Safe and secure reporting

An easy, accessible way for employees to directly report misconduct, anonymously or not, to Work Shield 24/7 via mobile, online or call center.

Prompt, accurate investigations

Our team of investigators review and handle incidents thoroughly, efficiently and objectively to ensure all voices are heard.

Focus on fair resolution

We provide objective resolution recommendations based on investigation findings faster than the national average.

Dynamic analytics & measurement

Employers are provided real-time incident updates and notifications with compliant case management, plus detailed workplace analytics.

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