5 Reasons Why Our Board Members Love Work Shield

5 Reasons Why Our Board Members Love Work Shield

At Work Shield, we consider our board members to be part of our leadership team, and we are so thankful for their guidance and investment in the success of our company. We may be biased, but we believe that our board members are some of the most talented leaders in their respective industries. From award-winning legal professionals to the CEO of one of the fastest growing medical clinics, seasoned human resource executives to marketing gurus and everything in between, Work Shield is backed by the best of the best. 

In honor of the month of love, we’re sharing five reasons our board members love Work Shield and why our mission resonates with them. 

Creates a Safe Space

“As a female working in the male-dominated industry of finance, I appreciate that Work Shield simultaneously provides a safe space for voices to be heard and a cost-effective, efficient solution for employers,” shares Britain Peakes, Work Shield Board of Directors Member and VP of Human Resources with HBC Investments. “Work Shield’s solution is truly win-win, as companies no longer need to sacrifice culture for bottom-line discipline.”

Key to Positive Corporate Culture

“Work Shield offers a brand-new solution that the workforce desperately needs,” said Bruce Mead, Work Shield Board of Directors Member and Co-Owner of Kaige Equipment. “The assurance of a safe work environment free from harassment is key to a positive corporate culture.  Positive corporate culture improves recruitment, retention, and customer acquisition.  Work Shield is a win/win for everybody!”

Mitigates Risk and Ensures Resolution 

Timothy Powers, Work Shield Advisory Board Member and former Managing Partner and CEO at Haynes and Boone, LLP, knows the importance of mitigating risk for clients and how Work Shield’s solution provides peace of mind that all incidents will be handled effectively and efficiently. “In today’s COVID-19 employer landscape, I love how Work Shield’s platform is more relevant than ever from a culture enhancement and risk mitigation perspective. Their ability to give employees a voice to be heard and ensure resolution of each incident allows leaders to know they have an inclusive and equal environment for everyone.”

Provides Real Solutions for All

Alvaro Saenz, Work Shield Advisory Board Member and CEO of MD Medical Group, understands what it takes to grow a successful company, including the ability to create solutions for all involved. “I love working with Work Shield’s innovative team because they are focused on developing real solutions for their clients. For example, Work shield created a solution that is loved by both employees and employers. That is simply not easy to do!”

Built with Genuine Compassion and Respect 

“When I began my initial talks with the folks at Work Shield, I was attracted to their good humor, Texas charm and effortless ability to make people feel welcomed. I was immediately sold on their determination to challenge the status quo by creating an alternative to systemic problems in the workplace,” said Laurel Legler, Work Shield Advisory Board Member and Human Resource Executive at Community Counseling Centers of Chicago. “They were undaunted and unafraid because it was the right thing to do, believing wholeheartedly that what is good for people is good for business. Working with the team at Work Shield has been entirely entertaining and enlightening.  They treat their team, partners and clients with genuine compassion and respect. I now see them as trusted advisors in a very turbulent time, and I salute their dedication and courage.”

During this month of love, we encourage everyone to reflect on their appreciation for their partners, colleagues and leaders, and remember to always strive to love what you do. To learn more about why we love what we do at Work Shield, please reach out.

About Jennifer Pope Jennifer is the Co-Founder of Work Shield, the only start-to-finish workplace harassment and discrimination reporting, investigation and resolution solution that protects employees, employers and cultures at the same time. Jennifer’s background as an attorney fueled her desire to help others. She leverages her experiences from Hewitt Associates, Thompson & Knight, and SMU’s Dedman School of Law to help employers shift the paradigm related to workplace harassment to ensure that everyone has a voice.   
Connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn.


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