Celebrating Three Years: A Reflection of Where We Started – and What’s Next

Celebrating Three Years: A Reflection of Where We Started - and What’s Next Work Shield Blog

This month is extra special for our Work Shield team, as we are celebrating three years as a company. It has been a busy and rewarding three years, and through it all, our team has been so thankful for the clients, team members, partners, board members, and advisors for the roles they have played in our continued success. Since our inception in 2018, we have implemented new solutions, hired the most talented team and learned what it takes to form a company focused on creating positive, lasting change. Now, three years later, Work Shield’s first-of-its-kind harassment and discrimination solution has been implemented with 230 clients across 33 states. While 2020 was a challenging year for all businesses, Work Shield continued to grow faster than ever, increasing our client/employer base by more than 250% in 2020, and by another 53% in January 2021 alone. This is only further evidence we still have a lot of opportunity before us to protect and preserve cultures.

But for now, to celebrate this milestone, we’re taking a look back on how we started, why we started, and all the growth we’ve experienced along the way. 

The Why 

In February 2018, after years of witnessing the inadequate solutions available to employers who wanted to protect their employees and create real change for their company, a group of determined entrepreneurs set out on a journey to develop a solution to help employers address harassment and discrimination in the workplace, while empowering employees’ voices to be heard. With this mission in mind, Work Shield was born. Since then, Work Shield has remained true to our original mission of creating safe, more equitable workplaces. We believe that every employee deserves to be heard, and every organization should be comprised of integrity and trust. 

The How

Work Shield’s solution truly is revolutionizing the way organizations approach issues that have traditionally been swept under the rug – or cost companies millions of dollars – and people have taken notice. Throughout the past three years, our founder, Jared Pope, has been interviewed and featured by countless national publications and broadcast networks, becoming a go-to expert source on the topic of workplace culture. Stories by Fast CompanyForbesDallas Innovates, and more have brought awareness to Work Shield’s mission and furthered important discussions surrounding equality and diversity in the workplace. 

In addition to media attention, Work Shield has also been recognized by several organizations in Dallas. This past summer, Work Shield was honored in the Social Impact category of the NTX Inno Fire Awards, which honors companies who are making a significant impact in their local communities. Most recently, Work Shield was named as a finalist in the Talent and Diversity category in the 2021 Innovation Awards presented by D Magazine. 

What’s Next 

We are excited for all the growth and success the next three years and beyond have in store for Work Shield. With new technology and analytics capabilities rolling out in the coming weeks, new team members joining our mission, a new office space on the horizon, and up to 100% client base growth projected by the end of Q1, our future has never been brighter.

We’re so thankful for all who have come along on the journey so far, and we look forward to continuing on our mission of creating diverse and equitable workplaces. If we can help your company, please reach out. We’re here to keep making a difference.


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