How to Maximize ROI With Technology in HR

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Maximizing ROI is paramount in today’s dynamic workplace landscape, particularly within HR departments where effective personnel management, policies, and tools directly impact an organization’s success. Harnessing technology in HR offers a strategic advantage that enables HR professionals to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and mitigate risks.

By implementing cutting-edge HR tech solutions, organizations can curb potential liabilities while fostering a workplace culture that values compliance and accountability, ultimately driving notable returns on their investment in HR systems. In fact, over 48% of HR professionals planned to increase their HR technology budgets for 2024.

Implementing Technology Solutions in HR

Workplace misconduct can take a heavy toll on organizations, extending beyond the more obvious effects, such as employee turnover rates, decreased employee engagement, and widespread unease. Misconduct can also be costly for organizations, draining resources and funds quickly, while also harming an organization’s reputation.

Harnessing Technology for Comprehensive Misconduct Reporting

While the ability to report misconduct has been available for decades via simple tools such as anonymous hotlines, more comprehensive solutions are now a requirement, as organizations can garner valuable insights with the ability to track incidents and analyze data to identify workplace misconduct trends within organizations and operational regions. By leveraging such analytics in addition to full-service reporting, investigations, and resolution recommendations, HR teams can proactively address issues, streamline processes, foster organizational accountability, and preemptively mitigate risks, thereby enhancing a more transparent and efficient workplace.

Efficient Investigations: Leveraging Technology for Speed and Accuracy

Traditional workplace investigations can take at least a month to complete and resolve, which increases risks for organizations as issues fester over time and frustrations grow. In our technology-driven society, it’s vital that HR departments have access to HR systems that support the management and tracking of investigations. These systems do not replace the human element necessary for thorough, unbiased investigations but enhance the process by enabling quicker, more efficient management and oversight. By facilitating timely investigations, ideally within a week, these technologies ensure fairness and compliance, while allowing HR departments to focus on their core HR functions.

While human bias is normal and no person is completely unbiased, third-party misconduct management solutions like Work Shield play a crucial role. They facilitate the secure collection and analysis of relevant information, enabling certified investigators to review significant details in a streamlined manner. This process helps maintain fairness throughout the investigation. Moreover, solutions like Work Shield streamline the time-consuming collection of documents and evidence, reducing administrative processes, expediting resolutions, and mitigating risk. In addition, some organizations that have partnered with Work Shield have experienced 10 times ROI from cost savings in litigation, settlement fees, and more.

Reducing Legal and Settlement Costs with Technology

Traditional misconduct management investigations might vary based on the complexity of the case and the time an investigator, typically someone within the organization, can commit to the case. Alternatively, third-party workplace misconduct management solutions not only provide an unbiased decision-maker and streamlined process, but also help mitigate legal risks by ensuring the proper resolution is reached in a timely manner, ultimately reducing impact to the bottom line.

Robust technology solutions like Work Shield provide peace of mind that organizations can safeguard themselves against costly legal battles while also protecting the teams they employ.

Measuring the ROI of Misconduct Management Solutions

With cost-effective technology solutions like Work Shield, organizations can foster positive, trustworthy, and confident team cultures, both overall and in the misconduct management process. Implementing such intelligent tools will ultimately help maximize measurable ROI.

Work Shield is a dependable, comprehensive, and prompt misconduct management solution with data-backed ROI that helps lower incident rates, the risk of substantial legal and settlement fees, and overall incident-related costs. Its 24/7 reporting process further streamlines the process, offering multi-channel and anonymous reporting solutions.

Work Shield provides a robust misconduct management solution, incorporating multi-channel and anonymous reporting capabilities that are accessible 24/7. Its process includes thorough and impartial third-party investigations, followed by clear resolution recommendations. Additionally, the platform supports these efforts with real-time data and analytics, offering data-backed ROI that reduces incident rates and minimizes legal risks and associated costs. This comprehensive system ensures a consistent, prompt, and effective response to workplace misconduct, streamlining the progression from reporting through resolution.

Learn more about Work Shield’s misconduct solution here.


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