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Whether HR teams are navigating everyday conflicts in the workplace or managing different types of employee misconduct, it’s crucial that HR professionals have solutions in place to strategically and proactively address each incident to maintain a safe and positive workplace culture. Instead of making reactive choices that poorly manage misconduct, organizations should evaluate implementing software for HR to streamline workflows, save resources, and improve effectiveness in mitigating harassment, discrimination, and misconduct.

The Importance of Managing Workplace Misconduct 

When not properly handled, workplace misconduct can have a lasting impact on an organization, costing organizations hefty legal fees, creating compliance-related issues, and harming culture and employee well-being. According to BenefitsPro, it only takes 1 toxic individual in 20 employees to worsen productivity, engagement, and retention which can “erode trust in leadership” while also hurting an organization’s bottom line. Without a strategy for resolving workplace misconduct, employers are more likely to mishandle incidents – which can pose financial risks, with the average litigation costs of a single claim being $160,000

Enhancing HR Efficiency with Work Shield 

HR departments can spend up to a majority of their time trying to resolve workplace conflicts. To save the valuable time and resources of HR departments, it’s imperative that organizations adopt HR software solutions that remove the time-consuming burden of misconduct management, so that HR teams can prioritize ongoing HR functions. As the only solution to manage the reporting, investigation, and resolution of workplace harassment and discrimination issues, Work Shield resolves misconduct four times faster than in-house reporting. With a portal that digitally tracks and manages incident reports, HR teams and leadership can have a real-time view of where investigations stand without wasting hours conducting them internally. Additionally, employers are provided real-time employee data, allowing them to better understand the health of the organization and pinpoint problem areas or individuals, in turn, enhancing HR efficiency and improving workplace culture. 

The Future of HR Software and Managing Misconduct 

HR technology and software continue to progress with advancements such as AI in HR and sophisticated reporting tools such as Work Shield, making the future bright for HR teams and managing misconduct. With state-of-the-art technology to manage and mitigate general misconduct, discrimination, and harassment, organizations can have peace of mind that misconduct in their organization will quickly be reported, investigated, and resolved, empowering employees and mitigating risk. With a commitment to ongoing development and innovation in line with evolving legal compliance and HR trends, solutions such as Work Shield will streamline day-to-day HR operations and create a healthier, happier workplace with safety and well-being at the forefront. 

Learn more about Work Shield’s misconduct solution here. 


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