How to Improve Employee Engagement

How to Improve Employee Engagement

With 69% of employees reporting feeling disengaged from their jobs in 2023 and low engagement costing the economy $8.8 trillion, it’s more important than ever for employers to learn how to improve employee engagement. Increased engagement doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a continuous goal for employers to strive for, but by implementing organizational strategies and solutions to maintain a positive employee experience, employers can reduce misconduct, enhancing workplaces overall.  

The Impact of Workplace Misconduct on Employee Experience

Employee engagement extends beyond team building activities and flashy office perks; it encompasses so much more than whether or not employees enjoy their work environment. Organizations foster engagement when they have strong employee morale, trust, job satisfaction, and belonging. Simply put, employees thrive when they feel heard and valued. However, in misconduct-ridden workplaces, when reports are not properly investigated and resolved, employee trust in leadership and the organization is easily broken. This damages morale, satisfaction, and belonging, to high employee turnover, decreased productivity, and a poor employee experience. Failing to effectively mitigate workplace misconduct doesn’t just impact those in the short term, it can have lasting effects, worsening the organization’s reputation and making it increasingly difficult to hire top talent. Addressing misconduct isn’t just about maintaining compliance, it’s crucial to upholding a positive workplace and employee experience. 

The Link Between Workplace Culture, Productivity, and Employee Engagement

Conversely, addressing misconduct proactively and effectively can foster a culture of mutual trust and accountability. Creating a chain reaction, organizations can expect improved loyalty and employee retention, collaboration, and up to 22% higher productivity. As all great leaders know, organizations are most successful when those running it are satisfied and fulfilled in their roles. In fact, organizations with engaged employees have four times the success than those with disengaged employees – proving that by boosting employee engagement, the organization will benefit too. 

Work Shield’s Role in Managing Misconduct and Enhancing Employee Engagement

As organizations look to answer the question of how to improve employee engagement, misconduct management solutions such as Work Shield’s full-service platform help to identify trends, address issues, and provide a safe, secure way to report incidents without fear of retaliation. Providing employers with real-time data to pinpoint problem areas, Work Shield grants organizations access to analytics on the status of their cultural health, making it easier to measure employee engagement. Encouraging reporting misconduct through Work Shield allows employees to feel heard, respected, and valued, in turn, enhancing employee engagement and laying the foundation for a happier, more productive work environment. 

Learn more about Work Shield’s misconduct solution here. 


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