Workplace Compliance and the Employee Experience

Workplace Compliance and the Employee Experience

Without workplace compliance, organizations risk cultivating an unethical, harassment-ridden environment and permanently damaging the employee experience. Employers that neglect to follow policies, laws, and regulations to better the workplace not only hurt their reputation but pave the way for legal liabilities,  lawsuits, and negative business outcomes. As Forbes put it, “Compliance shouldn’t be an afterthought, but an ongoing endeavor.” When an organization demonstrates a commitment to compliance, the employee experience improves.

Navigating the Workplace Compliance Landscape

To remain compliant, organizations must abide by federal, state, and local laws and regulations, which can be tricky and time-consuming. In addition, organizations must meet specific compliance requirements for data security and privacy that ensures employees and their data are safeguarded at all times. This not only includes the organization itself but any partners, tools, and solutions that the organization utilizes that may have exposure to assets such as employee data. Understanding the size of the workplace compliance landscape and the risk involved when an organization is not compliant, it’s critical for organizations to have solutions in place that promote an ethical workplace.

Beyond Rules and Regulations: The Human Side of Workplace Compliance

Though compliance regulations are crucial, the ‘human side’ of workplace compliance is just as important. By focusing on building a culture of transparency, employee trust increases, and organizations can identify potential compliance issues before they arise. With organizations following legal compliance, upholding the employee handbook, and offering employee training, a positive environment and employee experience can be cultivated. A culture of compliance will also transform the employee experience by preventing costly damages to an organization’s bottom line, reputation, and employee retention. Beyond guidelines and rules, compliance, or the lack thereof, has a tangible impact on the workplace, emphasizing to employees that their safety and well-being is of utmost importance.

A Proactive Approach to Culture Improvement

To enhance workplace cultures, maintain compliance, and mitigate risks, organizations can adopt proactive solutions. Employers, by leveraging comprehensive platforms and incorporating compliance training, ensure adherence to compliance standards and actively protect the employee experience. These solutions empower organizations to address workplace issues proactively, fostering a culture where employees feel encouraged to come forward without fear of retaliation. In doing so, employers demonstrate a commitment to ethical conduct, reinforcing a workplace that prioritizes both compliance and the overall well-being of its workforce.

Work Shield’s Commitment to Compliance Excellence

At Work Shield, we believe in keeping up with the ever-changing requirements of compliance. Our SOC2 and SOX-compliant platform goes beyond hotlines – providing employers with security, availability, privacy controls, and reliability so security will never be a concern. Through our trusted technology, employers can have peace of mind that their organization is meeting and exceeding workplace compliance requirements, while employees will no longer feel scared or intimidated to come forward about misconduct, discrimination, or harassment that goes against a healthy and compliant workplace culture. To improve cultures, maintain compliance, and mitigate risks, employers should implement solutions like Work Shield to meet workplace compliance and protect the employee experience.

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