Elements of HR Reporting Software

HR reporting software empowers employers to make informed decisions based on data in order to streamline their operations and build engagement and inclusivity in the workplace. This enables them to effectively maintain a successful and safe organization. Recognizing the value of HR reporting, it’s important for organizations to know what to look for in a potential reporting solution. 

To take the confusion out of choosing the right HR reporting software, we’ve compiled the top elements needed in a platform to ensure organizations can effectively resolve misconduct:

  1. Secure Data: Given the sensitive nature of HR reporting, ensuring the security of data is of utmost concern to protect employee privacy and grant employers peace of mind regarding their employees’ well-being and data protection. When you partner with Work Shield, you can trust your data is safe and protected, as each incident report is filed through our secure Work Shield Portal or 24/7/365 call center, prioritizing confidentiality and security as our top concerns. An effective reporting platform should also allow for multiple ways to safely report incidents, including both anonymously and non-anonymously, as well as through proxies and bystanders.
  2. Visibility to the Investigation Process: A clearly defined investigation process is vital to efficiently resolve misconduct – which is why reporting software should provide visibility into the investigation process. With Work Shield’s incident management platform, employers can stay informed about the progress of investigations with activity notifications, while filers gain insight into the status of their reported incident throughout the investigation. 
  3. Real-Time Analytics: According to Business.com, keeping track of key workforce attributes allows leadership to make informed decisions about the workplace. As it pertains to harassment and discrimination, by analyzing real-time data, organizations can have a behind-the-scenes look at what misconduct is currently taking place to stop wrongdoings while they are happening, not after the fact. 

HR reporting software is the future of HR as it provides employers with the tools needed to tackle misconduct and cultivate a happier, more successful organization. Selecting the right solution for your organization can be challenging – but it doesn’t have to be. At Work Shield, we take great pride in our incident management platform that checks off all the boxes as a successful HR reporting solution – but what’s more, we believe in our platform because of the monumental impact it has on individuals and their organizations. 

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