The Technology Behind the Work Shield Incident Management Platform

work shield's incident management platform on a computer screen

Work Shield’s innovative technology and approach to incident management ensures that we provide fair and efficient resolutions to misconduct. To provide this, our skilled team of developers crafted Work Shield to be easy-to-use by both organizations and their employees, allowing them to safely and securely report workplace misconduct issues, while also providing real-time data and people analytics to streamline operations and overall boost workplace culture. 

But, you might be wondering – how exactly does Work Shield’s incident management platform work

In today’s blog, we’re sharing behind the scenes insights on our full-service incident management solution. Keep reading for more details about the technology – straight from our development team:

  1. Work Shield’s Platform Runs on Power and Efficiency: “Our platform strives to provide power and efficiency by combining modern technology with design aspects that are matched to the workflow of our users. We can see this with something as simple as our search box found on the Incidents Page. Users can search by almost any criteria imaginable in order to find the incident or incidents for their use case. This allows for investigators to have data ready at their fingertips, while organizations can download reports based on dates, progress, status and more – and it’s blazingly fast.”
  2. Our Reporting Processes are Constantly Evolving: “We are constantly shaping our reporting process to match the needs of our filers. By providing several reporting options such as Call Center Reporting, Proxy Reporting, Self Reporting, and Anonymous Reporting, we can let any filer’s voice be heard. The reporting form itself is also designed to be intuitive and approachable to a wide variety of users with informative feedback throughout the reporting process. We know reporting can be a difficult time for a user and using industry terminology might not be the easiest thing to understand, which is why we provide helpful popovers and informative descriptions throughout the process. Our user’s voice matters, and we want to make sure it is easy to be heard.”
  3. We Utilize Modern Tech for Modern, Advanced Results: “We strive to integrate modern and reputable technologies into the Work Shield Platform. Under the hood, we are using tooling that allows our developers to write code with ease. This means the development process is streamlined and fitted to our developers. Features can be implemented in less time, and code can be tweaked quickly and efficiently. Not only does using modern tooling get noticed by our developers, but also our users experience quicker loading times and snappier user interfaces.”
  4. The Impact of Work Shield’s Technology is Unimaginable: “The features that are created by the development team come with an underlying responsibility of knowing that our users really depend on the functionality of the platform. Without a working product our users are not able take steps toward an incident resolution. The fact that we are able to be a part of the team that keeps this engine running drives our work on a daily basis. When we succeed, users can continue to take these steps through the resolution process, which is an impact that the entire team can feel.”

The technology behind our incident management platform is essential to resolving harassment, discrimination and misconduct in the workplace. At Work Shield, we take pride in offering cutting-edge technology with unparalleled efficiency and state-of-the-art reporting processes, so all users feel heard. Thank you, development team, for sharing your invaluable insights! 

To learn more about Work Shield’s incident management platform, click here. 


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