Still Working Remotely? Creative Ways to Connect with Colleagues from Home

Still Working Remotely? Creative Ways to Connect with Colleagues from Home Work Shield Blog

As businesses enter the second year of dealing with the effects of the pandemic, many employees are still working remotely, with companies planning to continue remote work indefinitely. With these long-term plans, it is important that businesses adjust their company culture to meet the needs of their remote employees by finding ways to remain connected.

At Work Shield, we value collaboration and teamwork, and that’s why on this week’s blog, we’re sharing three creative ways to help your employees remain engaged and connected while working from home.

Start a Book Club 

Book clubs are a fun and easy way to connect with colleagues and learn more about their interests outside of work. Take turns recommending books and schedule monthly Zoom ‘meetings’ to recap the book and take a break from strictly work-talk. To get started, check out this list of recommended and work appropriate book club suggestions from Goodreads!

Schedule Virtual ‘Lunch-and-Learn’ Meetings 

Whether these meetings are one-on-one or include the entire company, it’s important to take time to share learnings and company updates with your employees and colleagues. Establishing regular ‘lunch-and-learn’ meetings let’s employees go beyond email or Slack communication and create valuable connections though face-to-face interactions.

Establish a Remote Mentorship Program 

At Work Shield, we value mentorship because we have experienced the benefits first-hand. Even if you are no longer in a traditional office-setting, there are still plenty of ways to establish a successful mentorship program within your company. Additionally, with a remote mentorship program, employees can learn and virtually connect with colleagues from different office locations and departments to ultimately further their mentorship experience.

Though the traditional workplace has changed significantly over the past year, it is more important than ever to evaluate your company culture to ensure your employees are remaining connected. For more information on how to protect your company culture, contact us here.

About Jared Pope

Jared is Founder and CEO of Work Shield, the only start-to-finish workplace harassment and discrimination reporting, investigation and resolution solution that protects employees, employers and cultures at the same time. Jared practiced law and ran a practice focused on human resources, ERISA, benefits and employment matters for over 15 years and is a knowledgeable resource on workplace culture and harassment and discrimination issues.

Connect with him on LinkedIn.


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