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“We protect people, organizations, and cultures. All at the same time.”   

You don’t have to sacrifice business success to allow all employee voices to be heard, and a thriving workplace culture doesn’t mean business will suffer. There is a solution to maintain a strong workplace culture, while also driving success for your business. Our team of experienced professionals at Work Shield offers cutting-edge technology and solutions to ensure organizations and cultures succeed while giving employees a voice. Our comprehensive and one-of-a-kind approach effectively manages workplace misconduct from start to finish, ensuring that all workplaces are comprised of integrity and trust.

 Solutions to Protect People 

Employees are an organization’s most valuable asset. Although this viewpoint has been the case for decades, the pandemic shed light on this in what we call the “Human Capital Era.”  This shift to placing a greater value on humans in the workplace has been drastic over the past 40 years. For instance, in 1975, 83% of companies’ enterprise value came from physical assets, such as equipment. By 2018, this dramatically shifted to 84% of value being created by human capital.

More than ever, businesses now see that investing in employees can have the greatest return on investment. Through flexible work schedules, wellness programs and DE&I programs, businesses can show employees that they are invested in them as professionals and people, ultimately ensuring retention and increasing employee engagement and performance. Research shows that, post-pandemic, about 50% of workers considered making career changes to align with their core values. Additionally, 40% said they would leave a job if it doesn’t offer a flexible work environment, such as work-from-anywhere options.

In addition to investing in programs like those mentioned above, businesses can also invest to ensure that employees feel valued and safe in the workplace. For example, when employees encounter an issue at work where they do not feel safe, it’s important that they are empowered to speak up and be heard without fear of retaliation. Work Shield offers an impartial process and a platform for team members to safely report incidents. Without a confidential reporting solution like Work Shield’s in place, employees are left to silently endure the behavior, which is detrimental to both the employee and the organization. In fact, it can impact employee performance, costing companies up to $2.62 billion in lost productivity.

“Employees spend most of their waking hours at work, and they want to work in an environment in which they feel safe,” said Jennifer Pope, co-founder of Work Shield. “Work Shield strives to make workplaces better by educating business leaders about ways to improve workplace culture and employee wellness.”  

Solutions to Protect Organizations 

Partnering with Work Shield has numerous benefits for your employees and your organization. Here are three ways our cutting-edge solutions can help protect your business:

1.     Build Trust with Employees: Our vision at Work Shield is to foster positive and open workplace cultures composed of integrity and trust. 70% of individuals who experience harassment in the workplace never report the incident. It’s time to replace employee fear of retaliation with a safe, secure solution that efficiently manages and resolves misconduct without bias.

2.     Mitigate Risk: Did you know the average cost to defend and settle one claim is $160,000? Our team effectively manages misconduct incidents from start to finish, so organizations aren’t left to handle these costly, time-sensitive issues. With an efficient, user-friendly process, Work Shield’s solutions help to reduce reputational risk and exposure to legal claims, fines, and settlement fees.

3.     Improve Productivity: Employees who work in environments that encourage their voices to be heard are 5x more likely to feel empowered to perform their best. This benefits employees and workplace productivity.

Solutions to Protect Culture

Work Shield provides a platform and tech-based solution for all employees to feel safe and be heard. Through this, more inclusive workplaces are established which paves the way for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives to thrive. It’s important to note that employees hold business leaders accountable for implementing these DE&I initiatives at work. A staggering 80% of the current workforce say they value diverse employee populations.

“We have always been vocal about the importance of companies focusing on DE&I initiatives so that impacted employees can heal, move forward, and bring their best selves to work, knowing that their voices matter,” said Jared Pope, founder and CEO of Work Shield.

Through cutting-edge technology, Work Shield provides a way for employees to feel safe and speak up, which fosters an equitable workplace and protects an organization’s culture. When employees are heard, they have peace of mind and know their organization is looking out for their best interest. 

By partnering with Work Shield, employers can better protect their employees, organization and workplace culture. It is the holistic and complete solution that incorporates legal professionals with digital technology to ensure a streamlined, user-friendly process. 

It’s a win-win solution. Jared Pope continues, “When employees can report incidents of harassment or discrimination without fear of retaliation to an impartial resource who will treat their concerns as a top priority and work to resolve incidents quickly, everyone wins.” 

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