How Employers Can Also Benefit from a Healthy Workplace Culture

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In the modern corporate world, the importance of a healthy workplace culture cannot be overstated. According to a survey by Gallup, organizations with highly engaged employees saw 21% higher profitability. Fostering an engaging environment free from harassment goes beyond ethical responsibility—it’s essential to an organization’s bottom line. 

Establishing this kind of organizational culture requires more than just policy. For employers to reap the benefits, it demands an ongoing commitment to action and accountability. Let’s look at how employers, along with employees, can benefit from healthy workplaces free of harassment and retaliation.

Improved Organizational Reputation

An organization’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets. Word of workplace harassment and a toxic workplace can quickly circulate and prove costly, turning away prospective employees and clients. The 2022 Job Seeker Nation Report by Employ highlights that around 55% of individuals would consider exiting a new job if the company’s culture was misaligned with their personal values and expectations. Similarly, studies show that 77% of prospective employees consider company culture before applying for a job. By instilling a healthy work environment, employers can maintain a positive reputation, improving retention and attracting top talent and clients. 

Mitigate Financial Risks

Organizations that champion harassment-free environments can mitigate their risk of costly litigation from workplace misconduct. For example, defending and settling a workplace claim can cost $160,000 on average. According to the EEOC, nearly $300 million was recovered on behalf of individuals who filed sexual harassment claims from FY 2018 to FY 2021. Combined with the costly effects of employee turnover as well as reputational damage, the benefits of mitigating financial risk by having a healthy workplace environment are substantial. 

Increased Employee Productivity, Moral and Trust

Without discrimination, bullying, or harassment, organizations not only enhance productivity, but also greatly improve team morale and creativity, making employees feel safe, respected and valued for their unique perspectives and contributions. To create and protect this type of workplace environment, it’s crucial that employees can safely and securely report misconduct without fear of retaliation and know that their report will be thoroughly investigated and resolved. Employees are 4.6 times more likely to perform their best work when they feel their voices are heard, and by leveraging a comprehensive third-party incident management solution, organizations can not only protect their employees, but also their productivity and more. 

Work Shield’s incident management solution empowers organizations to proactively address workplace harassment and establish a safe and healthy workplace environment. As the only full-service solution that manages reporting, investigations and resolutions, Work Shield’s platform offers safe and secure reporting 24/7, while providing employers with real-time transparency on the cultural health of their organization. By utilizing Work Shield’s solution, organizations can promote a positive work culture of integrity and trust that is free of retaliation and workplace misconduct. 

Learn more about Work Shield’s incident management solution here. 


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