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From hybrid work models and decentralized teams, to a heightened focus on workplace culture, the recent shifts in the workforce have transformed the role of HR professionals. While hiring and retention efforts were once the top priority of human resources departments, their initiatives now encompass more complex responsibilities, such as incident management to ensure employees are heard when they have issues that need addressing. Handling employee issues, documenting misconduct reports and overseeing the investigation process are crucial pieces in today’s work environment to protect organizations and employees alike. 

To manage this type of program effectively and efficiently, forward-thinking businesses are turning to cutting-edge digital tools to streamline the process and support HR professionals. However, not all incident management software and systems are created equal. There are a few key elements HR professionals should seek in the right platform. 

Safe and Secure Reporting

When it comes to reporting workplace misconduct, having a platform with multiple reporting channels that prioritizes safety and security is a must. The information employees report should always be protected, and with the right platform, human error is minimized and organizations build trust with their employees. With fear of retaliation still a major issue in reporting unwanted behavior at work and over 55% of U.S. discrimination charges involving retaliation, it’s imperative that HR tools are secure, so all employees feel comfortable utilizing them.

Analytics and Measurement

Tracking and managing progress of incident investigations and resolutions in real-time is key to a top-performing HR platform. Not only will a dashboard, such as Work Shield’s Incident Management Hub, provide quick access to the status and recommendations of a report, but HR professionals should be able to easily summarize and analyze a year’s worth of incidents to gain better insight into their organization’s culture. Having this data at their fingertips supports more efficient decision making regarding corporate initiatives, training opportunities and more. 

Easy Implementation and Dedicated Support 

The last thing HR teams need is software that only creates more work for them. While a human resources professional is no stranger to managing a variety of responsibilities, an efficient department has no room for long onboarding processes and tools that offer little support. At Work Shield, we understand the importance of offering a platform with no IT support necessary and little to no internal resources required. Simple, easy onboarding makes the process run smoothly and quickly. Additionally, our team understands the need for a merging between the human element and technology, which is why our investigation and client success teams offer ongoing client support.

As more HR professionals and organization leadership seek to implement effective incident management platforms, it’s important to understand what elements are necessary to truly support HR rather than burden them. With a smart way to resolve misconduct from start to finish, Work Shield’s cutting-edge platform is the solution for HR teams and organizations as a whole. 


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