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Misconduct is costly. Yet, the cost of harassment in the workplace is not just in dollars. It also comes in the form of turnover, mistrust, lower productivity and fear. With Work Shield, organizations use resources more effectively and have fewer losses with 10x ROI or more.

11 to 0 Fewer Claims

Between 2016-2018, one company had 11 EEOC charges filed. Since partnering with Work Shield, zero claims have been filed.

90% Lower Costs

After partnering with Work Shield for one year, a company saw a 90% reduction in total incident-related costs.

59% Fewer Incidents

A company had an average of 41 incidents reported annually. With Work Shield, that number decreased to 11.

16.9x Positive Return

A 500-employee company has 20 incidents per year on average at a total cost of $430,000. With Work Shield, it pays $24,000.

Bottom Line Impact

Can your organization survive a misconduct claim?

In 2019, US organizations paid $68m in EEOC claims, a 20% increase from the previous all-time high. The average cost to defend and settle one claim is $160,000. 

No Work Shield Certified Organizations has faced an EEOC charge, and every incident reported to Work Shield has been resolved.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Work Shield is a best practice, tried and tested solution for effectively resolving misconduct and reducing corporate risk.

  • No Hidden Fees

    We charge a PEPM flat fee for all our services - reporting, investigations, resolution recommendations, and analytics.

A Quick Way to Prove Our Value

Experiment with incident rates and outcomes to find out what your ROI could be with Work Shield. We guarantee you’ll get positive results.

Anticipated Number of Incidents
Your Anticipated Cost of Misconduct (Based on National Outcome Averages) $
Your Annual Fee with Work Shield (Based on $4 PEPM Fee) $
Your ROI Using Work Shield x
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