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A dynamic collaboration united to transform a comprehensive solution that combines safe and secure reporting with unbiased, third-party investigative services to resolve workplace harassment and discrimination issues.

TRUST GAP - The Problem

Government and media are divisive forces in society fueling a cycle of distrust. The resulting expectation is holding organizations accountable to work together to foster innovation and drive impact (Edelman 2022 Trust Barometer). 

Studies from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that fear of retaliation was the main reason that employees do not report misconduct.

By partnering with RESOLVE


RESOLVE is committed to challenging workplace toxicity and misconduct and empowering employees’ voices to be heard to ensure an inclusive and equal workforce environment for all. Created in partnership between Work Shield, EthOs and Lou Raiola, RESOLVE is a purpose-driven movement to challenge workplace misconduct and ensure an inclusive and equitable workplace for all.

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Safe Reporting

RESOLVE combines a safe and secure reporting platform with legal professionals who investigate every report and work in partnership with organizations to establish a clear path to resolving workplace harassment and discrimination issues.

Company Culture

RESOLVE’s platform provides organizations and their members with resources to preserve, protect and improve the cultural health of a company.

Data & Analytics

The platform offers real-time, customizable data and analytics for tracking trends and patterns, intelligent reporting to improve identification of incidents, and an easy-to-use interface for a streamlined user experience.

Track Trends

RESOLVE allows leaders to understand the trends and patterns within their organization, identify potential problem areas, including inappropriate behavior patterns, incident trends and more, providing a comprehensive snapshot of an organization’s cultural health, including in-depth insight into all harassment, discrimination and misconduct issues.

Collaboration unites in response to demand for meaningful systemic change in the industry.

Historically, sports have been a beacon of hope uniting communities, countries, and the world. Sports unite people, organizations and communities.

Green Sports Alliance

The Green Sports Alliance is the environmentally-focused trade organization that convenes stakeholders from around the sporting world (teams, leagues, conferences, venues, corporate partners, governmental agencies, athletes, and fans) to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play. GSA was formed to leverage the cultural and market influence of sports to promote healthy, sustainable communities where we live and play. 


BSI enables people and organizations to perform better by sharing knowledge, innovation and best practices to make excellence a habit – all over the world, every day.

About the RESOLVE team:

RESOLVE, sparked by the vision of cause marketing pioneer–Lou Raiola, has been developed by Work Shield.  As a champion of social change through sports, entertainment, and pop culture, Raiola has catalyzed a dynamic collaborative uniting efforts with workplace organizational engagement leader EthOs and leading misconduct solutions provider, Work Shield.

Jared Pope

Jared Pope is a Benefits and Employment Law specialist with over a decade of experience in human resources, ERISA, benefits and employment matters. Recognizing drastic issues within the “system” for managing workplace harassment and discrimination, Jared founded Work Shield in 2018, as the first and only start-to-finish workplace harassment and discrimination solution and technology platform. Work Shield gives employees a real voice through unbiased, third-party reporting, while giving the employer visibility to their cultural health and the peace of mind that the situation will be resolved efficiently.

About Work Shield

Founded in 2018, Work Shield is the first and only solution that partners with employers to efficiently manage reporting, investigation and resolution of workplace harassment and discrimination issues in their entirety. Through Work Shield, employees have access to an immediate and impartial secure platform to safely voice harassment and discrimination incidents, while employers are ensured peace of mind that every issue is investigated and resolved with care by legal professionals.

Jared Pope, Founder and CEO of Work Shield
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Lou Raiola

With more than 35 years of experience championing causes that inspire social change through sports, entertainment, and pop culture, Lou Raiola has long been considered as the “go-to” resource when it comes to uniting stakeholder groups in collective efforts to drive positive social impact.

Raiola is considered a visionary, having embraced and led the “Do Well By Doing Good” mantra beginning in the 1980s — long before it became popular in recent years. He is often referenced as a cause marketing pioneer for his unique ability to embrace the role of catalyst uniting a variety of stakeholders to align on a common initiative. 

With a career that spans nearly four decades, Raiola has been a passionate advocate of social impact projects working with the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, numerous teams, and the GRAMMY Foundation, Academy of Country Music, and many more.  He has also worked with more than 120 celebrities to amplify causes in collaboration with major brands and non-profits.

Today, Raiola is a leading ESG consultant with organizational engagement firm, ethOs. Raiola leads the ethOs ESG practice, which is not only committed to consulting with and positioning companies to be ready and aligned with future ESG regulations, but also to highlight their ESG efforts to support the organizations, stakeholders, suppliers, communities, and investors they work with.

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