Risk Management That’s as Airtight as it Comes.

Work Shield is an EEOC best practice approach to managing misconduct. You’ll strengthen culture, and minimize your risk with a stronger affirmative defense.


Now you can manage risk and make a positive impact.

Internal incident management hurts organizations and their people - employees are often scared to report incidents and organizations expose themselves to liability. But Work Shield is a third-party, unbiased solution that empowers employees and effectively reduces corporate risk at the same time.

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Top Notch Service and Real Results

Ensure Compliance

Meet EEOC pending guidance and ensure legal documentation compliance.

Effective Risk Management

Organizations that properly administer Work Shield reduce their risk.

Attorney-Client Privilege

Confidential consultations with our Work Shield Certified legal professionals.

Expert Incident Management

Never be subject to questions of unethical or negligent internal management.

Improved Visibility

Unfiltered, real-time, reporting and resolutions data, all in one place.

Faster Resolutions

Work Shield helps resolve incidents 6x faster than the average internal investigation.

Strengthen Culture

Our impartial, complete solution cultivates a culture of empowerment and fairness.

Quick and Easy Implementation

There are no IT requirements and minimal internal resources needed.


We help resolve problems before they escalate.

The EEOC considers Work Shield a reasonable administrative remedy. Before filing a complaint with the EEOC, an employee must exhaust Work Shield’s solution. The employee must report the concern to us, have it investigated by our Work Shield Certified legal professionals, and be provided a resolution.

No Work Shield Certified Organizations has faced an EEOC charge, and every incident reported to Work Shield has been resolved.


We Find a Clear Path to Resolution

Work Shield partners with organizations to uncover the truth and unify employers and individuals by listening, understanding, and finding a clear path to fair resolution.

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Safe and Secure Reporting

An easy, accessible way for individuals to confidently report concerns directly to Work Shield via mobile device or call center.

Incident Investigations

Our nationwide team of trained legal professionals investigates every incident thoroughly, efficiently, and objectively.

Swift Resolutions

We provide unbiased resolution recommendation(s) to the employer based on investigation findings in about five days.

Data and Analytics

Transparent, real-time reports and activity. Plus, detailed analytics that reveal cultural insights and actionable data.

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