How Work Shield Supports Students and Staff

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A new school year is upon us, and educational institutions are preparing to welcome back students and staff for a productive, safe season. In doing so, students should be able to attend class without the fear of violence or sexual harassment. In fact, that was the purpose of the groundbreaking Title IX law that was passed in 1972, prohibiting sex discrimination in any program or educational institution receiving federal funding. While this law has been in act for 50 years, misconduct and harassment still lurk on our campuses creating unsafe learning environments. From educators to learners, it’s time we make schools more inclusive, diverse and safe for all

Staff and Students are Affected by Misconduct

Unfortunately, high school students in particular face harassment both on and off the school campus. According to the CDC, about one in 12 U.S. high school students experience dating violence, and college and university campuses are no safer. For example, research shows that 26.4% of female undergraduate students and 22.8% of college students who identify as gay, transgender or nonbinary endure sexual assault through physical force, violence or the inability to consent. The illicit behavior extends to male college students as well, with nearly 7% of undergraduate men reporting nonconsensual sexual contact.

Protecting students must be a top priority, but school staff members are also at risk. For instance, 40% of K-12 teachers and staff report witnessing sexual harassment in the workplace. This staggering statistic is part of a  broken system that is devastating to individuals and impacts organizations as a whole, costing an average of $160K to defend and settle a workplace claim. 

Work Shield is the Solution for Schools

As students and staff prepare for the 2022-2023 school year, it’s time for leadership teams to implement a proven strategy and solution to combat misconduct in the education sector. Work Shield helps educational institutions uphold standards to protect students and staff while reducing reputational risk and maintaining federal funding. Finally, students and staff are empowered and have an immediate platform to be heard, and as the most comprehensive and impartial harassment and discrimination solution for schools, Work Shield is committed to students, staff and cultures alike. 

Start the upcoming school season with peace of mind that your district is protected from legal risk that arises when students are put in harm’s way. Get direct access to the policies, procedures and new regulations that your school needs to comply with to ensure the safety of all students and staff on campus. Learn more about how Work Shield partners with schools and organizations to secure a clear path to resolution from start to finish.


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