Four Takeaways From the Last Four Years: Work Shield Anniversary

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As we round out four years of growth, partnership, technology advancements and new solutions that allow more employee voices to be heard, our Work Shield team is excited to celebrate this milestone as we review some of the highlights of the year and look ahead to a bright future. With our launch in 2018, it’s hard to believe that half of our time partnering with organizations was in the midst of the pandemic. Although, our first-of-its-kind workplace misconduct solution couldn’t have come at a better time with the challenges and hurdles employers faced over the past two years, as 25% of employees said they experienced an increase in gender-based harassment during the pandemic, and 10% reported heightened hostility related to their race or ethnicity, just to name a few. 

100,000 Voices Are Being Heard

100,000 voices of employees across the country are now heard in the workplace due to Work Shield’s solution. This accomplishment is more than a metric, as it demonstrates the positive impact on individuals, workplace cultures and outcomes for our partners and their employees. Allowing employees to be heard is crucial. In fact, a global study found that 74% of employees say they are more effective at their job when they feel heard. The benefits of allowing employees’ voices to be heard extends to the overall health of an organization with 88% of employees of organizations that financially outperform competitors felt heard compared to 62% of workers at organizations with lower financial performance. 

Beating the National Average

From the reporting of workplace incidents to the resolution, Work Shield beats the national average of 30 days to resolution by 80%, resolving workplace issues in less than a week. Workplace misconduct is damaging to an organization’s reputation and bottom line with the average cost to settle one claim sitting at $160,000. In 2019, organizations in the U.S. paid $68 million in EEOC claims, enforcing the importance of resolving workplace misconduct efficiently.

Improving Innovation

The digital age is thriving, and our offerings continue to advance with technology innovations. One of our digital offerings added over the past year is the ability to sign up for Work Shield’s solution directly through the website with the simple click of the “sign up” button. The secure Work Shield Portal has also seen improvements in the accessibility and insights that clients now have to data and analytics. An employer’s ability to track workplace misconduct and garner data is key in cultivating a healthy culture and can play a role in ESG strategy with investors and stakeholders.

Sharing Client Success Stories

The evidence of Work Shield’s positive impact is in our many client success stories and case study data. This information we’ve collected over the past year alone reveals how Work Shield is the solution to protecting people, organizations and cultures. An organization with an average of 41 incidents reported annually decreased that number to 11 after partnering with Work Shield. Along with a decreased number of incidents, clients are reducing costs. One organization saw a 90% reduction in total incident-related costs after only one year of partnering with Work Shield.

As we celebrate four years as an organization, our Work Shield team will continue to create diverse and equitable workplaces that allow more employee voices to be heard. We also look forward to continuing to outperform the national average on reporting and resolving workplace misconduct as well as improving innovation and exceeding client expectations. Thank you to all of our team members, clients, partners and board members for another successful year!


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