Celebrating Women’s Equality Every Day

In an effective work environment, different perspectives and judgments create a successful setting where opinions are equally valued, which is why we celebrate Women’s Equality Day every August 26th. Women have skills that bring much more to the workplace when their opinions and contributions are equally valued. And while efforts made by workplaces to commemorate Women’s Equality Day are crucial, these commemorations should not be refrained solely to Women’s Equality Day but can, and should, be highlighted daily in the workplace. Women contribute numerous benefits to the workplace, including creativity, communication, and perspective, and by organizations’ leaders acknowledging these contributions, workplaces can celebrate and champion women’s equality every day. 

Benefits Brought by Women in the Workplace

Communication in the Workplace: Communication is a skill that improves workplace success by a landslide. A Pews Research Center’s Women and Leadership survey states that 34% of Americans view women to be more honest and ethical, while only 3% feel that way about men in the workplace. Trust is especially valued today, and having women who understand the importance of trust in a work environment promotes an organization’s ethics and code of conduct. Society values an ethical organization, when an organization’s ethics are questioned, it critically impacts the organization in many ways, such as reputationally and financially, and by fostering doubt among employees and clients. Women who possess communications skills and help to build trust within an organization can promote a professional and collaborative work environment by utilizing supportive and practical approaches.

A Different Perspective: Different perspectives blossom and transform a workplace environment. Women can add different perspectives as they have different life experiences and views that can aid in finding solutions and approaches to obstacles that arise in the workplace. Since women make up half the population, it is crucial that organizations focus on hiring women employees at all levels within an organization and reevaluate their policies to ensure their workplace is suited for everyone. In a Credit Suisse Research Institute report, organizations with one or more women on the board delivered higher average returns on equity, lower net debt-equity, and better average growth. Women not only contribute to better results for organizations, but also improve the atmosphere and culture in the workplace as well as bring other perspectives that are regarded and valued.

Approaching with a Creative Lens: An organization can benefit immensely through creative solutions and approaches. Women bring this creativity to the work environment with innovative thinking and distinct skills that bring that extra edge to an organization. A study in top management uncovered that organizations that prioritized innovation saw more significant financial gains when women were part of the top leadership ranks. By promoting more women to make up their leadership positions, organizations can grow and implement new strategies because of the many fresh ideas women bring. And through introducing this creativity in the workplace, organizations can achieve more well-rounded goals.

How Workplaces Can Recognize Women’s Contributions 

Considering all the various benefits women bring to the workplace, there are impactful strategies that workplaces can incorporate to celebrate women’s equality every day. Organizations can strive to actively promote women to create a diverse sense of leadership in the workplace and can achieve this by launching employee resource groups that support the advancement of women in the workplace. But this change in the workplace must begin with creating an environment that commends open communication and feedback among coworkers so that everyone can feel that they can express their concerns and receive support. 

At Work Shield, we celebrate workplace cultures where advancing women’s equality is championed, and we believe these advancements should be acknowledged every day. We also understand the importance of having safe and open work environments and strive to ensure that employees feel protected and experience integrity and trust at work. Work Shield partners with organizations to provide a safe space for employees to voice workplace harassment and discrimination.  Learn more about the value we bring to organizations.

By: Luna Konings


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