Demi Eggleton

Executive Coordinator - Business Development

Demi joined Work Shield as an Executive Coordinator in Business Development in order to help support the Business Development team. Her job roles include portal demonstrations for prospects and clients, the creation of proposals and the ongoing development of Work Shield’s internal CRM. Demi also works with the Client Success team to ensure an easy transition to Work Shield’s onboarding process. Prior to joining Work Shield, she had several years of sales experience in the insurance industry. She is passionate about giving employees a voice to be heard.


Favorite Book – The Host 

Favorite Podcast – Joe Rogan Experience 

Favorite Vacation Spot – Kauai, Hawaii  

Favorite Drink – Shirley Temple 

Starbucks order? Grande Iced White Mocha, No whip 

Favorite 80s movie – The Breakfast Club 

Favorite Board Game – Clue 

Favorite Shoes – Any good sneaker! 

Favorite Superhero – Batman 

Favorite sport you’ve played – Singing/dancing  

Favorite Fast food – Chick-fil-A 

If you could live in a book, what book would it be? – The Harry Potter series 

If I could learn a new skill, it would be: Play the piano or be fluent in Spanish 

What job would you be terrible at doing? Anything that involves too much math! 

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with no preparation? – The importance of travel!! 

Bad habits you’ve broken? Not working out!

Demi Eggleton, Executive Coordinator Business Development at Work Shield