75% of employees don't report misconduct.

We help companies take care of their people.

When employees are afraid to report bad behavior it's a sign that your company's culture is telling them they are not safe to do so.

Foster an open workplace culture where employees know they can safely speak up and that they will be heard with Work Shield's total reporting, investigation and resolution solution

Remove Reporting Fears

As an impartial third party, Work Shield helps remove employees' fears of retaliation by providing a safe and secure way to report incidents and conducting investigations without bias.

Improve Company Culture

With Work Shield, employees are empowered when organizations are committed to fostering an open and positive workplace culture that has a zero tolerance for bad behavior.

Experienced Partner

Dealing with workplace harassment and discrimination is our specialty. Through partnership with your team, Work Shield manages incidents from beginning to end with care and experience.

Faster Incident Resolutions

Finding a clear path for resolution, our experienced Work Shield-certified legal professionals conduct investigations and provide recommendations in about five days.  

Lower Incident Rates

The national average incident rate for workplace harassment and discrimination is 4% of your employee population. WIth Work Shield, that number typically drops to 1.5%.

A clear path to incident resolution.

We deal with workplace harassment and discrimination more thoroughly and effectively than any other solution in the market. And we say that without hesitation. Because we are the FIRST and ONLY solution in the market providing beginning-to-end incident management.

We work hard to ensure our investigations interfere with your workplace as little as possible and are completed as quickly as possible.

  • Independent Reporting to Remove Fear of Retaliation
  • Lower Incident Rates
  • Qualified Legal Professionals Work Towards Preventing Problems from Escalating to Legal Action
  • Quick and Effective Resolutions

How it works.

  • Employee safely and securely reports an incident via our website or by phone.

    The employee and Work Shield receive a time-stamped copy of the report via email.  

  • Work Shield-certified legal professionals begin our independent and impartial investigation.

    Our experienced team contacts all parties involved with the incident using a conversational tone - including the accused, the accuser and any witnesses. We will clarify any details and ask any necessary questions about the incident.

  • We provide resolution recommendations to the employer in about five days.

    Work Shield experts evaluate all information learned during the investigation and provide recommended resolution options to the employer. Our legal professioanls are available to discuss and help evaluate next steps.

Bottom line impact.

A Fortune 500 company loses $6.7 million per year due to harassment and its impact, including absenteeism, turnover, EEOC investigations, settlements and more.

Empowering your employees fosters a healthy culture of respect, diversity, increased productivity and long-term retention. It also helps your bottom line.

Our partners typically see an ROI of TEN TO ONE.