Changing the Way You Manage Misconduct

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Protecting People, Organizations
and Cultures

Safe and secure reporting

An easy, accessible way for employees to directly report misconduct, anonymously or not, to Work Shield 24/7 via mobile, online or call center.

Prompt, accurate investigations

Our team of investigators review and handle incidents thoroughly, efficiently and objectively to ensure all voices are heard.

Focus on fair resolution

We provide objective resolution recommendations based on investigation findings faster than the national average.

Dynamic analytics & measurement

Employers are provided real-time incident updates and notifications with compliant case management, plus detailed workplace analytics.

Streamlined Management and Analytics

Measure Impact and Manage Accordingly.

Efficiently manage incidents, access employee resources, and get insightful data and analytics that reveal culture insights about your organization via the secure Incident Management Platform – a user-friendly, secure and compliant dashboard.

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